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Herrick Stamp – what are my stamps worth. Stamp marketing report from stamp expert written in clear language for today’s stamp market values.


Earlier this year we introduced a program to help collectors sell their stamps at a fair price by entrusting us to market their stamps for a small commission. We have sold over $1,000,000 of consigned stamps in 8 months. All stamps were sold at a price agreed to by the owner of the stamps. We were not successful in selling every collection consigned to us, and these were returned to the owners.


Here is what we have learned about evaluating a collection in the current market conditions. We hope you find the summary of experiences helpful when considering what to do with your collection. You do not have to be a rocket scientist or current equivalent) to figure this out.

 Current Market Trends:

  • Mint stamps are in demand. Used stamps are not.
  • Average stamp collections bring average prices.
  • Rarities in great condition are worth a lot because.....they are rare.
  • Few collections have rarities.
  • A well organized collection brings more than a haphazard one.
  • USA collections are in demand. But prices are weakening.
  • World wide collections of mint sets are in demand. Prices are good.
  • Specialized collections are very hot but the demand is thin.

 Stamps most wanted in order of demand are:

  1. British Commonwealth pre-1935
  2. French Colonies
  3. Mint USA pre-1940
  4. Asia with China and Hong Kong
  5. Independent India
  6. South America
  7. Russia
  8. Eastern Europe years 1945-1965


Stamps least wanted are:

  • Any stamp in poor condition
  • UN, Europa Topic
  • Israel
  • Scandinavia
  • East Germany and Berlin
  • Caribbean Islands.
  • Diana Topic


Any stamp collection with a market value over $1000 can be sold if the price is realistic. We charge sellers a 10% commission to evaluate and merchandise their collection. There is a small additional fee if you want your stamps posted on our internet site. We charge no fee to the buyer. Your entire market cost is 10% of the sale price.

To learn more, go to WHAT IS MY COLLECTION WORTH?


William Herrick


Herrick Stamp Company