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Hoarding is NOT Stamp Collecting!

But it can be a lot of fun when you buy a Hoard of Stamps....

In 1999 we met a man in upstate New York and we met our match in his hoard of stamps.

We were with friends at nearby South Egremenot and passed a very nice Post Office building that called out for a visit. Inside was a typical one room post office but there was a different. On a table by the entrance was a cardboard box of stamps and covers and even album pages with a sign reading:

Kids Take What You Want. Put Back What You Do Not Need.

The postmistress told me the story of the old timer who kept the box full and the kids (and non-kids) who both contributed and took from the box. We have never sween anything like this before.

We had to meet this philatelic genius who got to the very core of stamp collecting fun. We were introduced to Maxwell G. WElls and his story was as good as his name. He was a WW II veteran who used the GI Bill to educate himself and start a small dairy farm. This was in the days when land in the Berkshires was for farming crops and not for tanning bodies.

He had a farmhouse that he build by himself and a separate outbuilding that looked like a barn but with skylights. This is where he and his wife Jenna spent time sorting and sharing stamps. Each with a table on separate ends of the room, they broke down collections from auctions houses and worked on their separate collections. All of their duplicates and odd material that did not fit their needs, they piled in the middle of the room in a sort of crated silo appearing structure. Each year they emptied the crate, dated it and stored it on high eaves in the barn. When we first saw this room and looked up toward the ceiling, it occurred to us that it was possible to be killed by falling stamps.

In 2009 we had the opportunity to buy the detritus of this collection with the hope that we could salvage great material and make great finds. But the holding is just too large and our philatelic staff just too busy.

Now we need your help!

We have had our fun with this lot. Now it is your turn. We need the time, we need the space.

What kind of stamps did we find? Worldwide. Wells bought what he thought would be interesting. He was a bargain hunter at auctions for over 50 years. He bought collections, mystery accumulations, covers, dealer stock and stamp collections.

We are sorting his material by approximate wholesale value and then taking 25% off our estimate. Packages are available for $295.00 each or for $995.00 each. Tell us which value size package you want us to send you. If you like our sending, keep it and next month another package will arrive from us. If you do not like it, return it for a refund, and no more packages will arrive. Send us your name, address and credit card information and we will send you some stamps from this mountain of philatelic material. No need to rush - these stamps will be with us for a while.

Please keep in touch with Herrick Stamp!