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We are increasingly asked this question. There is doubt about value and liquidity in a large part of the stamp collecting community. Herrick has many customers and we have been around a long time.

David P. Masko

The Greek historian Herodotus related details of Persian postal methods, declaring, “nothing mortal travels so fast as Persian messengers”. To the Persians goes credit for perfecting a postal service that became a model for the entire ancient world.

Malcolm M. Ferguson

Just as the lion is the proverbial king of the beasts, the royal oak tree is king of the hardwoods – that is the leaf-dropping summer-green trees.

Eck Spahich

If you are prepared for intrigue and excitement in stamp collecting, you should consider specializing in Croatia, 1941-45, and its exile issues. You probably will be the only one among your friends who knows where Croatia is on the map and whether the Croatian Liberation Movement still is active.

by Huang Ming-Hsin (Shanghai, PR China)

The first stamp of the world “Penny Black” was born in 1840 in England. In the past 150 years, more and more stamps have been issued in the world. Now, more than 230 countries and regions in the world issue stamps.


Actually, I am writing to you from Pakistan because there are no stamp dealers in Burma. However, there have been many, many rumors of new stamps in Burma and finally I made a visit to see what is actually happening.

Kenneth R. Lake

One of the world’s first mail services began on April Fool’s Day. That was in 1680, when William Dockwra’s Penny Post started carrying mail in Old London Town.

Max Stern

The stamp business in the pre-war years was in the hands of philatelists who acquired an intimate knowledge of the various issues dating back to the early days, pre-1900. They were familiar with paper and perf varieties and the different postmarks which was an integral part of philately in those days.

Malcolm M. Ferguson

There are two main reasons for playing cards as stamp subjects.


Wise men have told me that stamp dealers should not collect stamps. I say “Rubbish”! A stamp dealer who doesn’t collect cannot place himself on the other side of the counter and know instinctively what his customers are looking for.

Herman Herst, Jr.

Some people say that the perfect crime has never been committed, since the perfect crime is one that no one recognizes as a crime. The perpetrator gets away clean, and no one is the wiser for what has taken place.

Joseph Zollman

Stamp collectors in Holland often travel to Amsterdam on Wednesdays and Saturdays. In the afternoon, they make a beeline to the Nieuwezyde Voorbugwal, a familiar side street of the Dam, the main thoroughfare in the Dutch capital.

David U. Groves

Both philatelic and nonphilatelic media have given much publicity to the apparently never-ending series of chess championship games between two Russians – the current world chess champion, Gary Kasparov and the challenger, Anatoli Karpov.

Bill Shelton

Mexico is the 3rd largest country in North America. It has the 2nd largest population and the largest city in the world. Veracruz, on its southern coast, is the oldest city in the Western Hemisphere.

P.J. Ronay

Currently (1990) dealers in Italy are out bidding each other for stamps of the Italian Kingdom and Republic. The “boom” cycle is rolling and no one knows how far it will go.

Douglas Syson

In the southern part of Germany lies the old German state of Bavaria, its past hidden in the mists of ancient Europe. A single family ruled the land from about 900 A.D. until 1918.

by Kenneth R. Lake

I have yet to meet an American who understands the rules of Britain’s favorite game – cricket. Rejoicing in such strange terminology as “silly mid off” and “leg before wicket”, it’s probably best left alone. But cricket on isolated Pitcairn Island is something else – forty players on each side, kerosene cans marking the two wickets, and the home team is allowed to cheat as much as it likes!

by Alex Weiss

In the early 1950’s I was a young collector and wanted to have all the new issue stamps from the British Empire. My father collected this area and I wanted to be just like him.

by Greg Manning

The stamp market in the United States has been relatively active during the summer of 1990, and the expectations are that this activity will carry through the fall and winter.


For many collectors, the stamps of the British Empire hold a great fascination and respect.

Joe Cartafalsa

...And now, back to post-1975 Laos.
On May 12, 1978 (May 26 according to the Lao catalogue), a set of five definitive stamps showing the Lao coat-of-arms was issued. One hundred thousand sets were printed. The values were 5,10, 50,100, and 250 kip.

Gregory Epshtein

April of 2005 marked the 50th anniversary of the death of Albert Einstein, the great 20th century scientist. It is also 100 years since the publication of the theory of relativity, a theory that would eventually become the foundation of all modern physics.

Christer Brunstrom

Ever since I was a teenager way back in the 1960’s, I have been enchanted by what many refer to as bogus stamps. These are basically stamps which purport to have been issued in some distant land often ruled by a prince or a king. More often than not, the principalities or kingdoms did not exist, but the countries generally did in one form or the other.

Fred Wexler

Quite some time ago, I did an article on the Queen Isabella II issues of Cuba. In this series of articles, I want to return to some stamps featuring the same queen but focus on ways to collect the stamps of early Spain that might not occur to a general collector.

Christer Brunström

It would be a huge exaggeration to claim that Sweden has exported a large amount of words to the English language. However, there are some words which come to mind. They are orienteering, ombudsman and smorgasbord.

Dennis Carman

Recently I decided to get back into philatelic exhibiting. Twenty years ago, I started showing a thematic exhibit entitled Whales and Whaling. It rose to the gold level (with some Grand Awards) at local shows and the vermeil level at national shows.

Rob Moelis of National Stamp News (NSN)

Recently I sat down with Bill Herzig of Herrick Stamp Company to get his views on the state of stamp collecting. My specific interest was to determine where new collectors are coming from and what they are interested in.

Interview Conducted by Rob Moelis of National Stamp News

I am meeting Bill Herzig of Herrick Stamp Company in his Hewlett New York office to learn the state of the market in August 2008 and to learn something of Herrick Stamp's thinking in the current economic scene.

William Arthur

I fell in love with stamps of the Cook Islands when I was a subscriber to Herrick Stamp Company American Bicentennial Collection in 1976. Herrick sent out monthly topical shipments and provided me with a topical Album that I still have and cherish.

Steve Pendleton

Yes, I tend to favor the islands of the colder seas–you know, the places where the bergs are born and leopard seals lurk. However, there are many fascinating isles right on the Equator or thereabouts, which are well worth investigating by philatelists.

Joe Cartafalsa

A couple of times in the past, I’ve written about the Japanese Occupation issues of the Philippine Islands and even something about the U.S. Philippines issues.

Dennis Carman

The maneuvering in the valley began in early March 1862 with a movement by Union forces. General Nathaniel Banks and his 18,000 men occupied Winchester, Virginia on March 12 after Stonewall Jackson’s much smaller 6,000-man Confederate force had evacuated the city the day before. Banks sent General James Shields’ division, about half his force, south another twenty miles to Strasburg and kept William’s division at Winchester. Having cleared the Confederates out of the lower valley, Banks prepared to join McClellan on the Peninsula.

Dennis Carman

After the debacle at First Manassas/First Bull Run on July 21, the Union army commander, General Irwin McDowell, was sacked.

J.E. Johnson

It is truly amazing what exciting and interesting information can be found on early postal cards.

Peter Mosiondz, Jr.

The idea of combining our nation’s pastime with the number one hobby in the world is an intriguing prospect.

William Silvester

To most people in the Western Hemisphere she is best known as the Spanish Queen who financed the voyages of Christopher Columbus, but Queen Isabella I was far more than a banker for explorers.

Kenna Boyd

Advertising has been with us for so long it has become a part of our daily life. Many years ago, some firms saw the potential of advertising on stamps.

Joe Cartafalsa

Imperial Russia and Imperial China had an interesting history. Despite having a joint border that was thousands of miles long, they never had a declared war.

Joe Cartafalsa

French West Africa (FWA) is an interesting area to study from a postal history perspective. FWA is more or less a continually changing group of countries rather than one individual nation.

Fred Wexler

For roughly a hundred years Aden was a British Protectorate and most of the early stamps used there were from Great Britain, India, Ceylon and Mauritius. Identification is through postmarks.

William Silvester

Though very popular with his subjects, Prince Constantine was deemed too young and inexperienced to successfully rule Greece when he ascended the throne of that turbulent country.

Harold Schultz

The Arabian Peninsula has been a focal point for both British and American petroleum companies since the early 1920’s. An American oil company, called Standard Oil Company of California (SOCAL), had made progress in finding oil in Bahrain in 1932, and in 1933 was granted an oil concession in Saudi Arabia by the recently unified Saudi government.

Dr. Rene P. Manes

The USPS has now issued over 4,000 stamps; of these, almost two per cent depict American authors. One third of these writers published from 1800 to 1899; two thirds since 1900.

Dennis Murphy

Huainan is a small city by Chinese standards, the population being only about two million.

Dr. Everett L. Parker

There are many philatelic society journals published around the world. This column is designed to provide readers with basic information about those received for review.