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Large Lots and Stamp Collections

Stamps lots and stamp collections of older stamps, worldwide stamps, topical stamps, foreign stamps and USA stamps priced well below Scott Stamp Catalog value.

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A dealer friend of ours in New England recently retired and sold his entire Foreign inventory to us. Mostly these stamps were bought for his adult approval service and new issue service. 95% are in complete sets and because his service worked according to Scott Catalog, almost all are Scott listed. We want to close these stamps out and have made bargain priced lots at least one-third retail. We have not bought any special ""fillers"" to make these lots look like everyone else's. This is a genuine closeout situation. Because we are just filling cigar boxes there might be some duplication but we have tried to mix the stamps around to give each buyer an ""all different"" lot. Retail value is well over $500.00 per box! Cigar Box full of Mint Never Hinged Stamps.
View ImageFRANCE Imperf Mint NH Stamp Collection in 3 Stock Books
Exceptional & Highly Attractive Collection of about (1600) different IMPERFS housed in 3 stock books and running from 1954 to 1996. Seems to be about 80-90% complete for the post 1960 period, including most Europa, Paintings, Red Cross, Semi-Postals, Nature, Etc. with some back of book and others. Many of the issues are the preferred marginal examples, including later triptychs & strips with values to 185 Euro. Generally VF NH throughout. (Y&T cat. Value over 40,000 Euro) (KCRV)
 HONG KONG Wholesale Lot of 2 Complete Sheets
Wholesale Lot of 2 Complete Sheets of 50 (Folded). Scott Retail $1150.00. Rare, perhaps unique, complete sheets.
 IRAN Sc.# 983--RA2 Dealers Stock Stamp Lot
A nice wholesale stock of about 1228 mint NH sets, including some more recent. Complete inventory available on request but total Scott value is in the $6700.00 range. Priced very conseratively.
View ImageSURINAME Sc.# 359--C60A Mint NH Stamp Collection
Powerful mint NH lot of mostly complete sets. Fresh post office stocks from the agent. Thousands of stamps with a Scott retail value of $17,000.00. Detailed excel inventory available. This is the best Suriname lot available on the market today and priced at under 12% of Scott.
View ImageYUGOSLAVIA Ljubljana 1944 Stamp Collection on Pages
LJUBLJANA - 1944 German Occupation stamps, Complete #N36-70, BN5-20, NC11-NE1, NJ14-22. All mint, some NH. Scott retail about $750.00. Stamp on Lighthouse pages.

Pageof 1  View:   Total Results: 6   Displaying: 1 to 6    | 

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