French Imperforate Stamp Club



The end of an era was announced in 1996 when the French Ministry of Posts announced they would no longer issue imperforate stamps. For over 170 years, each perforate French stamp had an identical imperforate twin! Additionally they would no longer issue the "Big Brother" DeLuxe Souvenir Sheets. In response we have seen an increase in collector interest in French specialty material over the past years. When we tried to replenish our stocks of certain items, we were not surprised to be unsuccessful. Dealers in USA and France have not stock French Imperfs and DeLuxe. Rather, 98% are in collectors hands. And why Not? Over the years, these were more or less printed by the French Post Office TO ORDER.

Each year a dealer had to take out "subscription" for the annual quantity. This was the print quality… there were never any "leftovers" as dealers only subscribed for the quantity they could sell! We have stock of older French specialty material that we have bought back from our own customers and have found in dealers stocks. This is probably the last, great holding of this material and we are preparing to offer to collectors at WELL BELOW CURRENT MARKET PRICES.

  1. BEAUTY. The stamps of France are among the best designed and most beautifully printed stamps in the world.
  2. RARITY. Less than 1000 imperforates and only a few hundred DeLuxe Souvenir Sheets were ever printed and most of these are in collectors hands.
  3. DEMAND. Collectors of France make the basic demand, but when an international topic such as Olympics, WWF or Famous Printings issued there is an international demand that is in the thousands and the prices are very, very strong.
  4. AUTHENTICITY. All imperfs and DeLuxe Souvenir Sheets are actually printed and controlled by the French Ministry of Posts.
  5. QUALITY. All French material is unusually fresh with great color. Printed to the EXACT same specifications and on the same presses as regular perforated French stamps, imperforates are from the first run off the presses and are real beauties.
  6. EXCLUSIVITY. Because of their rarity, French imperfs are rarely offered to the general public. Often they can only be purchased at auction.
  7. RECOGNITION. All imperf and DeLuxe S/S are listed and priced in the two listed French catalogues Yvert & Tellier and Maury. They are not yet listed by Scott.
  8. FAIR PRICES. Our large holding and efficient distribution methods allow us to consistently charge below market prices. Our prices are WELL BELLOW what dealers in France charge.
  9. SPARKLE. Here is a chance to own something RARE and UNUSUAL from a major country that will not be available forever. You can make your collection different and more exciting by adding the imperforate stamps of France to your collection.


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