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Qatar stamps are hot. Qatar stamps have rapidly rising prices. Who really collects stamps of Qatar anyway? Fifteen years ago a prominent sheik in Qatar decided to bring home to Qatar all the Qatar stamps throughout the world. With oil money a plenty, the sheik gave Qatar stamp buying prices to three worldwide dealers. One Qatar stamp dealer in London, another Qatar stamp dealer in Australia and a third Qatar stamp dealer in Germany. With this powerful stamp buying cash and with a monopoly of knowledge as to who the stamp buyer was, these three dealer started to quietly buy Qatar stamps on the market.
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View ImageQATAR - Scott 16-18 1957 Boy Scouts MINT NH QTAR16-18H8-XSPrice: $1.56
View ImageQATAR - Scott 19-25 Elusive 1960 Set (7) MINT NH QTAR19-25XS-FOTOGPrice: $5.56
 QATAR - Scott 22 Key Stamp MINT NH QTAR22H8-XSPrice: $1.60
 QATAR - Scott 102-02A J.F.K. 2 Strips of 3 MINT NH QTAR102-02AH8Price: $4.80
 QATAR - Scott 103-03A 1968 Olympic's (6 Stamps) MINT NH QTAR103-03AH8Price: $5.52
View ImageQATAR - Scott 121B Rare Ovpt. Space S/S MINT NH QTAR121BFOTOG-EBAYPrice: $52.00
View ImageQATAR - Scott 290-98 1972 Sheik (Less 291A-B) MINT NH QTAR290-98FOTOG-EBAYPrice: $39.20
View ImageQATAR - Scott 299-302 1972 Book Year MINT NH QTAR299-302H8Price: $14.00
View ImageQATAR - Scott 478-83 1976 Dhows MINT NH QTAR478-83FOTOG-EBAY-XSPrice: $28.80
View ImageQATAR - Scott 520DE Sheik Booklet Cpl. MINT NH QTAR520DEFOTOG-EBAY-XSPrice: $23.20
 QATAR - Scott 571-72 Hegira MINT NH QTAR571-72H8Price: $4.40
View ImageQATAR - Scott 573-76 1980 Anniversary MINT NH QTAR573-76FOTOG-EBAY-XSPrice: $9.60
View ImageQATAR - Scott 577-78 1980 Towns MINT NH QTAR577-78H8-EBAY-XSPrice: $9.60
View ImageQATAR - Scott 579-82 1980 Oil Industry & Hospitals MINT NH QTAR579-82FOTOG-EBAY-XSPrice: $9.60
View ImageQATAR - Scott 591-92 Disabled Year MINT NH QTAR591-92H8Price: $5.60
 QATAR - Scott 593-94 Education Day MINT NH QTAR593-94H8Price: $2.40
View ImageQATAR - Scott 595-98 1981 Sheik MINT NH QTAR595-98FOTOG-EBAY-XSPrice: $8.00
View ImageQATAR - Scott 601-02 Military Soccer MINT NH QTAR601-02FOTOG-EBAYPrice: $7.20
View ImageQATAR - Scott 603-06 Scarce Set MINT NH QTAR603-06FOTOG-EBAY-XSPrice: $9.60
View ImageQATAR - Scott 611-14 Elusive MINT NH QTAR611-14FOTOG-EBAY-XSPrice: $11.20
 QATAR - Scott 631-32 Ships MINT NH QTAR631-32H8Price: $4.00
View ImageQATAR - Scott 633-34 Anniv. Arab Postal Union MINT NH QTAR633-34H8-XSPrice: $4.80
 QATAR - Scott 641-42 Postal MINT NH QTAR641-42H8Price: $3.20
View ImageQATAR - Scott 647-48 1983 MINT NH QTAR647-48H8-XSPrice: $3.12
View ImageQATAR - Scott 649-50 Human Rights MINT NH QTAR649-50H8Price: $5.60
View ImageQATAR - Scott 660-63 1984 Independence MINT NH QTAR660-63H8Price: $9.60
View ImageQATAR - Scott 690-92 1987 High Values MINT NH QTAR690-92FOTOG-EBAY-XSPrice: $39.20
 QATAR - Scott 720-21 Post Office MINT NH QTAR720-21H8-XSPrice: $2.85
View ImageQATAR - Scott 722-23 Housing MINT NH QTAR722-23H8-XSPrice: $3.44
 QATAR - Scott 728 Red Crescent MINT NH QTAR728H8Price: $4.80
 QATAR - Scott 863A Rock Carvings MINT NH QTAR863AH8Price: $4.80
View ImageQATAR - Scott 871 Gazelles S/S Limited Issue MINT NH QTAR871H8-EBAY-XSPrice: $23.20
 QATAR - Scott 906-09 Pearl Diving MINT NH QTAR906-09H8-XSPrice: $3.96
View ImageQATAR - Scott 910 Early Diving Equipment S/S MINT NH QTAR910FOTOG-EBAY-XSPrice: $10.40
 QATAR - Scott 972 Year of the Family MINT NH QTAR972H8-XSPrice: $2.40
 QATAR - Scott 983 Arabian Gulf Cup (Soccer) Sheetlet of 5 Diff. (1) MINT F/VF QTAR983H8-XSPrice: $3.52
 QATAR - Scott 992-95 Oryx Quest 2005 MINT NH QTAR992-95H8-CZ-XSTPrice: $1.20
 QATAR - Scott 998 Doha Development Forum S/S MINT NH QTAR998H8-XSPrice: $4.80
 QATAR - Scott 1039 G.C.C. Stamp Exhibition Doha 2008 IV MINT NH QTAR1039H8Price: $1.60
 QATAR - Scott 1040 Arab Police Meeting Setenant Pair MINT NH QTAR1040H8Price: $1.60
 QATAR - Scott 1047 2009 Media MINT NH QTAR1047H8Price: $1.20
 QATAR - Scott 1050 First Democratic Decade MINT NH QTAR1050H8Price: $1.60
 QATAR - Scott 1051 Jerusalem MINT NH QTAR1051H8Price: $1.60
View ImageQATAR - Scott 1061 50th Anniv. OPEC MINT NH QTAR1061H8Price: $1.60
 QATAR - Scott 1062 Mus=haf Qatar 2010 MINT NH QTAR1062H8Price: $1.60
View ImageQATAR - Scott 1063 Census 2010 MINT NH QTAR1063H8Price: $1.60
 QATAR - Scott 1064 2010 U.P.U. MINT NH QTAR1064H8Price: $1.60
 QATAR - Scott 1064 2010 U.P.U. M/S of 10 (Folded) MINT NH QTAR1064H8Price: $19.20
 QATAR - Scott 1082 Postal Day MINT NH QTAR1082H8Price: $1.60
 QATAR - Scott 1084 U.P.U. MINT NH QTAR1084H8Price: $1.60

Pageof 2  View:   Total Results: 56   Displaying: 1 to 50    | Next

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It took a few years for other dealers to realize that the Qatar stamp stocks were rapidly disappearing. Soon warfare broke out between three Qatar stamp buying dealers and prices started rising rapidly.
Qatar stamps were never heavily stocked outside of Qatar and dealers were pleased to accept full Scott Catalog for their Qatar stamps. One would think that this Qatar stamp bubble would burst. It did not. The sheik has held the stamps of Qatar, normal Qatar philatelic interest continues to support the market.
Yes, there’s a huge stock of Qatar stamps overhanging the market and few know what the Qatar stamp buying sheik will do with his stamps. For the moment prices are still strong. We are sellers and still have considerable orders from our website for Qatar stamps from middle eastern countries.
Stamp buyers in Dubai and Oman are buying their own stamps and Qatar stamps so there is some local interest in Gulf State philately. If you can find Qatar stamps below our prices, scoop them up because there is a genuine shortage in the market at the moment.
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All new Qatar stamps are listed and illustrated every two weeks in the new issue stamp section of our website
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Check out Herrick Stamp often for all the news of Qatar stamps and special offers of older Qatar stamp issues.