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Old Penrhyn Stamps - New Penrhyn Stamps

Penrhyn stamps are issued under the auspices of Cook Islands Philatelic Bureau. The first Penryhn stamps were 1902 overprints on New Zealand. These are priced so cheaply today in the market place that it is not a wonder that all collectors would seek these early Penrhyn stamps. We just can not see why these prices are so low.
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 PENRHYN ISLAND - Scott 346-48 Christmas 1986 MINT NH PNRH346-348H8Price: $7.20
View ImagePENRHYN ISLAND - Scott 385 Queen Mother S/S MINT NH PNRH385H8Price: $14.00
View ImagePENRHYN ISLAND - Scott 395 QE II 65th Birthday Ovpt. MINT VF NH PNRH395H8Price: $11.00
View ImagePENRHYN ISLAND - Scott 462-65 WWF Sunfish M/S of 4 MINT NH PNRH462-65H8Price: $33.00
 PENRHYN - Scott 476-77 Prince William Engagement MINT NH PNRH476-77H8Price: $5.95
View ImagePENRHYN ISLAND - Scott 476-77 Prince William M/S of 5 MINT NH PNRH476-77H8Price: $24.00
 PENRHYN - Scott 478 Engagement S/S of 10 Diff. MINT NH PNRH478H8Price: $6.95
 PENRHYN - Scott 479 Prince William Engagement MINT NH PNRH479H8Price: $5.95
View ImagePENRHYN ISLAND - Scott 480-82 Royal Family Set of 3 S/S's MINT NH PNRH480-82H8Price: $39.00
 PENRHYN - Scott 483 Peony MINT NH PNRH483H8Price: $1.58
View ImagePENRHYN ISLAND - Scott 483 Peonies Flowers M/S of 10 MINT NH PNRH483H8Price: $13.90
View ImagePENRHYN ISLAND - Scott 484 Peony S/S MINT NH PNRH484H8Price: $9.50
 PENRHYN - Scott 485 Pearl Industry Sheet of 4 MINT NH PNRH485H8Price: $6.00
View ImagePENRHYN ISLAND - Scott 487-501 2011 Tourism MINT NH PNRH487-501H8Price: $19.00
 PENRHYN - Scott 502 Royal Wedding Prince William MINT NH PNRH502H8Price: $3.25
View ImagePENRHYN - Scott 504 Pope John Paul Pair MINT NH PNRH504H8Price: $9.50
 PENRHYN - Scott 516 2013 Year of the Snake MINT NH PNRH516H8Price: $7.50
 PENRHYN - Scott 517 Royal Birth S/S MINT NH PNRH517H8Price: $6.85
 PENRHYN - Scott 518 Beijing China S/S MINT NH PNRH518H8Price: $5.00
View ImagePENRHYN - Scott 521-32 Fish Definitive Set of 12 High Face Value and Scarce. MINT NH PNRH521-32H8Price: $59.00
View ImagePENRHYN ISLAND - Scott 537 Year of the Horse Souvenir Sheet (1) MINT NH PNRH537H8Price: $4.60
 PENRHYN ISLAND - Scott B23 Pope John Paul Visit 1986 S/S MINT NH PNRHB23H8Price: $8.50
View ImagePENRHYN - Scott NEW ISSUE Royal Wedding Prince Harry Souvenir Sheets (2) MINT NH PNRHR574Price: $18.46
View ImagePENRHYN - Scott 1282 Birth of Princess Charlotte Souvenir Sheet (1) MINT NH PNRH1282R491Price: $14.76

Pageof 1  View:   Total Results: 24   Displaying: 1 to 24    | 

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Penryhn stamps stopped in 1929 and did not return to the philatelic scene until decades later. Penrhyn stamps have a conservative stamp issuing policy and attractive designs. Penrhyn stamps are mostly popular in New Zealand which is a small market. Thus Penrhyn stamps have limited printings and also higher face values to justify the cost of these smaller quantities.
Recently new philatelic advisors have been retained for Penrhyn stamps and it remains to be seen if there will be a new stamp issuing policy.

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