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Old Palestine Authority Stamps - New Palestine Authority Stamps

Palestine Authority stamps were issued for use in the West Bank and Gaza. The basis for Palestine Authority stamps is a political compromise with Israel. Israel Post honored Palestine Authority stamps and forwarded them worldwide. However there was a big IF for Palestine Authority stamps.
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View ImagePALESTINE - Scott 15 Scott Retail $9.00 MINT Hinged PALE15HECOPrice: $4.00
View ImagePALESTINE - Scott 16A Pair, Rough Perf. Scott Retail $30.00 MINT Hinged PALE16AHECOPrice: $15.00
View ImagePALESTINE - Scott 18A Pair. Scott Retail $11.00 MINT Hinged PALE18AHECOPrice: $5.00
View ImagePALESTINE - Scott 18c Scott Retail $70.00 MINT NH PALE18cHECOPrice: $29.00
View ImagePALESTINIAN AUTHORITY - Scott 96 Exhibitions Block of 6 Diff. MINT F/VF NH PALE96H8-XS-MLZPrice 1-2: $6.00
Price 3+: $1.89
 PALESTINE AUTHORITY - Scott 140-43 2001 Easter MINT NH PALE140-43H8Price: $2.40
View ImagePALESTINE AUTHORITY - Scott 209-11 Christmas 2012 (3) MINT NH PALE209-11H8Price: $3.49
 PALESTINE AUTHORITY - Scott 223-24 Flora & Fauna S/S (2) MINT NH PALE223-24H8Price: $10.00
View ImagePALESTINE AUTHORITY - Scott 237 Abdel Rahim Mahmoud Souvenir Sheet (1) MINT NH PALE237H8-XS-CLUBPrice: $11.10
View ImagePALESTINE AUTHORITY - Scott 240-43 International Anti - Corruption Day (4) MINT NH PALE240-43H8Price: $10.33
 PALESTINE AUTHORITY - Scott 245 Turkey s/S MINT NH PALE245H8Price: $9.50
View ImagePALESTINE AUTHORITY - Scott NEW ISSUE International Anti - Corruption Day Souvenir Sheet (1) MINT NH PALER464Price: $3.72
View ImagePALESTINE AUTHORITY - Scott NEW ISSUE Police Day Souvenir Sheet (1) MINT NH PALER467Price: $2.00
View ImagePALESTINE AUTHORITY - Scott NEW ISSUE Popular Resistance - Bab Al-Shams Souvenir Sheet (1) MINT NH PALER471Price: $5.32
View ImagePALESTINE AUTHORITY - Scott NEW ISSUE Arab Lawyers Union Souvenir Sheet (1) MINT NH PALER474Price: $4.12
View ImagePALESTINE AUTHORITY - Scott NEW ISSUE International Workers Day Souvenir Sheet (1) MINT NH PALER520Price: $5.19

Pageof 1  View:   Total Results: 16   Displaying: 1 to 16    | 

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Their design had to be approved by Israel or else they would not be honored for postage. This worked out for a few years until tensions caused the cessation of cooperation for Palestine Authority stamps.
The split between Gaza and West Bank Palestinians lead to Palestine stamps now being issued on the West Bank alone. These are not in cooperation with Israel, but when forwarded through a friendly country these Palestine Authority stamps do prepay postage for mail.
New Issue stamps are expected shortly. These new issue Palestine Authority stamps have a premium over the face value because they are hard to obtain in the Palestine Authority area and they are difficult to get to market .
Palestine Authority stamps are a challenge to collect. That is what collecting is about.

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All new Palestine stamps are listed and illustrated every two weeks in the new issue stamp section of our website
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Check out Herrick Stamp often for all the news of Palestine stamps and special offers of older Palestinian Authority stamp issues.