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Cuba Mint Stamps -

The native Amerindian population of Cuba began to decline after the European discovery of the island by Christopher Columbus in 1492 and following its development as a Spanish colony during the next several centuries. Spanish rule eventually provoked an independence movement and occasional rebellions that were harshly suppressed. US intervention during the Spanish-American War in 1898 assisted the Cubans in overthrowing Spanish rule. The Treaty of Paris established Cuban independence from the US in 1902 after which the island experience a string of governments mostly dominated by the military and corrupt politicians. Fidel Castro led a rebel army to victory in 1959; his rule held the subsequent regime together for nearly five decades.
Early stamp issues of Cuba from the Spanish administration are not very popular at present. However, the overprints on USA stamp issues from the years 1899-1900 remain popular.
Christmas stamps and bird stamps and animal stamps are among the most popular issues of Cuba in the post Batista era. Herrick bought a quantity of the popular Big Bird Cuban stamps set # 3328-34 Cuba stamp, Cuba stamps, Herrick Stamp, Bird stamp which lists in Gibbons for over $220.00 and has been selling this very cheaply. It is in the list of 100 Best Stamp sellers for Herrick Stamp Company.
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View ImageCUBA - Scott 19 Scott Retail $12.00 MINT Hinged CUBA19HECOPrice: $5.00
View ImageCUBA - Scott 114 Scott Retail $60.00 MINT Hinged CUBA114HECOPrice: $22.00
View ImageCUBA - Scott 221 Scott Retail $12.00 MINT NH CUBA221HECOPrice: $5.00
View ImageCUBA - Scott 224 Scott Retail $30.00 MINT NH CUBA224HECOPrice: $13.00
View ImageCUBA - Scott 293 Scott Retail $26.00 MINT NH CUBA293HECOPrice: $8.00
View ImageCUBA - Scott 406 F.D.R. MINT NH CUBA406H8-XS-PRE53Price 1-2: $2.00
Price 3+: $0.59
 CUBA - Scott 406 F.D.R. Gutter Pair MINT NH CUBA406H8-PRE53Price: $3.00
View ImageCUBA - Scott 449-51 1949 U.P.U. MINT NH CUBA449-51H8-PRE53Price: $2.00
View ImageCUBA - Scott 532-33 Scott Retail $14.50 MINT NH CUBA532-33HECOPrice: $6.00
View ImageCUBA - Scott 562-63 Christmas 1956 MINT NH CUBA562-63H8-XSTPrice 1-2: $5.00
Price 3+: $2.95
View ImageCUBA - Scott 562-63 Scott Retail $13.00 MINT NH CUBA562-63HECOPrice: $6.00
View ImageCUBA - Scott 588-89 Christmas 1957 MINT NH CUBA588-89H8-XSPrice 1-2: $5.00
Price 3+: $1.89
View ImageCUBA - Scott 670-72 Stamp Anniversary MINT NH CUBA670-72H8Price: $2.00
View ImageCUBA - Scott 1668 25th Anniv. UNICEF MINT NH CUBA1668H8Price: $2.00
View ImageCUBA - Scott 1744-45 Matex 1972, Nat'l Philatelic Exhib. MINT NH CUBA1744-45H8-XSTPrice 1-2: $4.00
Price 3+: $1.19
 CUBA - Scott 1753-55 UNESCO-Save Venice Campaign MINT NH CUBA1753-55H8-XSTPrice 1-2: $3.00
Price 3+: $0.85
 CUBA - Scott 3905-09 Fire Engines MINT NH CUBA3905-09H8Price: $1.57
View ImageCUBA - Scott C31 Scott Retail $32.00 MINT Hinged CUBAC31HECOPrice: $8.00
View ImageCUBA - Scott C169-71 UN Day 1957 MINT NH CUBAC169-171H8-XSPrice 1-2: $4.00
Price 3+: $1.39
View ImageCUBA - Scott C193-94 UNESCO MINT NH CUBAC193-194H8-XSPrice 1-2: $3.00
Price 3+: $1.39

Pageof 1  View:   Total Results: 20   Displaying: 1 to 20    | 

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The 1950 Cuban Christmas flowers big stamp sheet issue # 648-62 has been increasing in popularity due to international stamp demand and collectors are advised to buy this set while supplies still exist in the domestic market.
Not surpassingly Cuba has participated in the popular World Wildlife Federation (WWF) stamp series. The most attractive issues are #3961-64 the WWF Bird stamps and #4342-45 WWF Crocodiles issue.

Cuba new issue stamps are illegal to import in the USA at present.

To see the latest worldwide new stamp issues please see the New Issue Listings at Herrick Stamp Company website.