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Brunei Mint Stamps – Brunei Newest Stamps

In 1888, Brunei became a British protectorate; independence was achieved in 1984. The same family has ruled Brunei for over six centuries. Brunei benefits from extensive petroleum and natural gas fields, the source of one of the highest per capital GDPs in Asia.
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View ImageBRUNEI - Scott 63A-72A 1950 New Perfs Complete. Scarce! MINT NH BRUN63A-72AFOTOGPrice: $8.95
 BRUNEI - Scott 112 Scarce 1968 Definitive MINT NH BRUN112H8Price: $2.00
 BRUNEI - Scott 162-64 Helicopter, Military MINT NH BRUN162-64H8Price: $4.70
View ImageBRUNEI - Scott 171-75 Museum MINT NH BRUN171-75H8Price: $4.00
 BRUNEI - Scott 180-83 Sultans MINT NH BRUN180-83H8Price: $3.00
View ImageBRUNEI - Scott 184-85 Royal Airforce Museum MINT NH BRUN184-85H8Price: $5.00
View ImageBRUNEI - Scott 194-209 1974 Ruler MINT NH BRUN194-209H8Price: $14.00
 BRUNEI - Scott 262-67 Royal Regalia MINT VF NH BRUN262-67H8Price: $2.50
 BRUNEI - Scott 271-72 U.N. Food Day MINT VF NH BRUN271-72H8Price: $3.75
View ImageBRUNEI - Scott 294-95 Communications Year MINT VF NH BRUN294-95H8-XSTPrice 1-2: $4.00
Price 3+: $0.29
View ImageBRUNEI - Scott 304-10 1984 Anniversary MINT NH BRUN304-10H8-XSPrice 1-2: $8.00
Price 3+: $3.95
View ImageBRUNEI - Scott 304-10 1984 Anniversary Wholesale Lot of 3 MINT NH BRUN304-10W3Price: $11.85
View ImageBRUNEI - Scott 584 His Majesty's 60th Birthday Strip of 6 Diff. MINT NH BRUN584H8Price: $4.20
View ImageBRUNEI - Scott 584g His Majesty's 60th Birthday S/S MINT NH BRUN584gH8Price: $4.20
 BRUNEI - Scott 586 100 Years of Postal Service Strip of 4 Diff. (Folded) MINT NH BRUN586H8Price: $4.82
 BRUNEI - Scott 586e 100 Years of Postal Service S/S MINT NH BRUN586eH8Price: $4.83
 BRUNEI - Scott 643 ASEAN Summit 2013 Booklet MINT NH BRUN643H8Price: $4.50
View ImageBRUNEI - Scott 645-47 Butterflies, Scott price wrong MINT NH BRUN645-47H8Price: $6.95
View ImageBRUNEI - Scott NEW ISSUE Golden Jubilee Haji Hassanal Bolkah Strip of 5 Different (Folded) (1) MINT NH BRUNR559Price: $4.31

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Brunei stamps started in 1906 with overprints on Labuan and continued through a series of river scene stamps right through the King George VI era. Japanese Occupation stamps of 1942-1944 are the scarcest and the most interesting of the early Brunei stamp issues. Do not overlook Scott #112-14 the glazed paper definitives. Herrick Stamp Company has a below price offer on these which should not be missed. The Sultan of Brunei is pictured on all modern stamps whose designs feature royal palace stamps, oilrig stamps, products and innovations of Brunei.

Topical stamps are noticeably muted in the Brunei philatelic issuing policy. There are few collectors in Brunei and stamps are not popular there. However in Malaysia, Singapore and surrounding countries Brunei stamps are much sought after.

To see the latest Brunei new stamp issues please see the New Issue Listings at Herrick Stamp Company website.