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Bolivia Mint Stamps - Bolivia Newest Stamps

Bolivia, named after Simon Bolivar broke away from Spanish rule in 1825 and much of its subsequent history has consisted of a series of nearly 200 coups and countercoups. In December 2005 Bolivians elected a new president by the widest margin of any modern leader. However, since taking office, his controversial strategies have exacerbated racial and economic tensions between the Amerindian populations of the Andean west and the non-indigenous communities of the eastern lowlands. Bolivia stamps were first issued in 1867 and the early issues are extremely interesting as they are loaded with varieties which are highly collectible and still inexpensive. In fact all of Bolivia collecting is attractive and inexpensive with interesting sets in the 1930’s and 40’s still available for low prices. The 1960 surcharges on gold stamps Scott #433-50 are well known and popular.
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View ImageBOLIVIA - Scott 13 Scott Retail $70.00 MINT NG BOLV13HEC8Price: $19.00
View ImageBOLIVIA - Scott 15 Scott Retail $16.00 MINT NG BOLV15HEC8Price: $4.00
View ImageBOLIVIA - Scott 52-53 Scott Retail $30.00 MINT Hinged BOLV52-53HEC8Price: $12.00
View ImageBOLIVIA - Scott 54 Scott Retail $60.00 MINT Hinged BOLV54HEC8Price: $19.00
View ImageBOLIVIA - Scott 433-50 1966 Surcharges on Gold Stamps. Complete Set of 18. Scott $120.00 MINT VF NH BOLV433-50HPPrice: $29.00
View ImageBOLIVIA - Scott 661-68 Parrots MINT NH BOLV661-68JMHPrice: $13.95
 BOLIVIA - Scott 689 Youth Soccer MINT NH BOLV689JMHPrice: $2.00
 BOLIVIA - Scott 719 40th Anniversary U.N. MINT NH BOLV719JMHPrice: $3.00
View ImageBOLIVIA - Scott 928A Ecology S/S (MI BL 213) MINT NH BOLV928AJMHPrice 1-2: $3.52
Price 3+: $2.95
 BOLIVIA - Scott 1318 American Peace Institute MINT NH BOLV1318JMHPrice: $2.00
View ImageBOLIVIA - Scott 1319 Industries Setenant Pair MINT NH BOLV1319H8Price: $6.68
View ImageBOLIVIA - Scott 1370-71 Social Charities MINT NH BOLV1370-71H8Price: $6.00
View ImageBOLIVIA - Scott 1517 Huanca Bicycle (Movie) (1) MINT NH BOLV1517JMHPrice 1-2: $1.70
Price 3+: $0.59
View ImageBOLIVIA - Scott 1537 Tradition & Culture (Flag) (1) MINT NH BOLV1537H8Price 1-2: $16.00
Price 3+: $6.40
View ImageBOLIVIA - Scott 1547 World Health Day (1) MINT NH BOLV1547H8Price: $10.00
View ImageBOLIVIA - Scott 1574 Giovanni Boccaccio (1) MINT NH BOLV1574JMHPrice: $2.68
View ImageBOLIVIA - Scott 1603 Galileo - Astronomy High Face Value (1) MINT NH BOLV1603H8Price: $39.67
View ImageBOLIVIA - Scott 1612-15 Endangered Fauna (Birds, Armadillo, Beetle) High Face Value (4) MINT NH BOLV1612-15H8Price: $34.14
 BOLIVIA - Scott C228-29 President's Visit MINT NH BOLVC228-29JMHPrice: $2.00
 BOLIVIA - Scott C358 UPU MINT NH BOLVC358JMHPrice: $3.00
View ImageBOLIVIA - Scott NEW ISSUE Christmas 2012 (2) MINT NH BOLVR426Price: $1.14
View ImageBOLIVIA - Scott NEW ISSUE 150th Anniv. I.T.U. (1) MINT NH BOLVR507Price: $4.00
View ImageBOLIVIA - Scott NEW ISSUE 100th Anniv. Friends of the City (1) MINT NH BOLVR536Price: $19.75
View ImageBOLIVIA - Scott NEW ISSUE Silala Spring Water (2) MINT NH BOLVR536Price: $12.65

Pageof 1  View:   Total Results: 24   Displaying: 1 to 24    | 

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Topical stamps of Bolivia for Pope John Paul, parrot stamps, butterfly stamps, and other topical issues predominate. A series of non-Scott listed (but Michel Catalog listed) souvenir sheets are among the most popular and underappreciated stamps of Bolivia.

Do not overlook the postal tax issues as they are low priced and quite elusive.

To see the latest Bolivia new stamp issues please see the New Issue Listings at Herrick Stamp Company website.