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Antigua Mint Stamps - Antigua Newest Stamps

Antigua issued its first stamp in 1862 and regularly issued stamps until 1890 when the stamps of Leeward Islands became valid in various Caribbean Colonies. Between 1903 and 1956 the stamps of Antigua and Leeward Islands were both valid for postage.
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View ImageANTIGUA - Scott 13A Large II with slanting bottom line. ""Used"". Gibbons #19A at £2750.00 USED ANTI13AH5Price: $390.00
View ImageANTIGUA - Scott 262-66 Military Uniforms 1970 MINT F/VF NH ANTI262-66H8-XSPrice 1-2: $3.29
Price 3+: $1.19
View ImageANTIGUA - Scott 266A Uniforms S/S MINT NH ANTI266AH8-XSPrice 1-2: $4.70
Price 3+: $1.59
View ImageANTIGUA - Scott 266A Uniforms S/S Wholesale Lot of 3 MINT NH ANTI266AW3Price: $4.77
 ANTIGUA - Scott 283-87 Uniforms III MINT F/VF NH ANTI283-87H8Price: $3.00
View ImageANTIGUA - Scott 299A Cricket S/S MINT F/VF NH ANTI299aH8Price: $3.95
View ImageANTIGUA - Scott 393A Butterflies S/S MINT F/VF NH ANTI393aH8Price: $5.90
View ImageANTIGUA - Scott 571-74 Marine Life MINT NH ANTI571-74H8Price: $13.00
View ImageANTIGUA - Scott 648-51 World Cup Soccer MINT F/VF NH ANTI648-51H8Price: $4.50
View ImageANTIGUA - Scott 722A-24A Part I Flowers MINT NH ANTI722A-24AH8Price: $13.00
 ANTIGUA - Scott 782, 784, 786, 789 Correggio Part I MINT NH ANTI782,784,786,789H8Price: $4.90
View ImageANTIGUA - Scott 850-53 1985 Butterflies MINT F/VF NH ANTI850-53H8-SM-EBAYPrice: $16.00
View ImageANTIGUA - Scott 854 Butterflies S/S MINT F/VF NH ANTI854H8-SM-EBAYPrice: $8.00
View ImageANTIGUA - Scott 866 Youth S/S MINT F/VF NH ANTI866H8-SMPrice: $4.00
View ImageANTIGUA - Scott 875 Marine Life S/S MINT F/VF NH ANTI875H8-SM-EBAYPrice: $9.25
View ImageANTIGUA - Scott 914 Audubon Common Eider Duck S/S MINT F/VF NH ANTI914H8-SM-EBAYPrice: $8.50
View ImageANTIGUA - Scott 915-18 1986 World Soccer Championship Mexico FIFA MINT F/VF NH ANTI915-18H8-SMPrice: $13.00
 ANTIGUA - Scott 925-27 QEII 60th Birthday MINT F/VF NH ANTI925-27H8-SMPrice: $3.50
View ImageANTIGUA - Scott 929-32 1986 Boats MINT F/VF NH ANTI929-32H8-SMPrice: $6.05
View ImageANTIGUA - Scott 933 Boatbuilding S/S MINT F/VF NH ANTI933H8-SMPrice: $4.00
View ImageANTIGUA - Scott 934-37 American Locomotive Trains MINT F/VF NH ANTI934-37H8-SM-EBAYPrice: $9.25
View ImageANTIGUA - Scott 938 AMERIPEX-Train S/S MINT F/VF NH ANTI938H8-SM-EBAYPrice: $8.75
View ImageANTIGUA - Scott 943-46 Conch Shells MINT F/VF NH ANTI943-46H8-SM-EBAYPrice: $13.15
View ImageANTIGUA - Scott 947 Atlantic Natica Shell S/S MINT F/VF NH ANTI947H8-SM-EBAYPrice: $8.00
 ANTIGUA - Scott 949,951,953-54 Flowers I MINT NH ANTI949,951,953-54H8Price: $5.00
View ImageANTIGUA - Scott 956-57 Flowers S/S's MINT F/VF NH ANTI956-57H8-SMPrice: $7.25
View ImageANTIGUA - Scott 958-61 Fungi, Mushrooms MINT F/VF NH ANTI958-61H8-SM-EBAYPrice: $6.90
View ImageANTIGUA - Scott 962 Mushrooms S/S MINT F/VF NH ANTI962H8-SM-EBAYPrice: $9.50
View ImageANTIGUA - Scott 967 Soccer Cup FIFA S/S MINT F/VF NH ANTI967H8-SMPrice: $9.50
View ImageANTIGUA - Scott 968-71 Benz Automobiles Centenary MINT F/VF NH ANTI968-71H8-SM-EBAYPrice: $11.55
View ImageANTIGUA - Scott 972-72A Mercedes Benz Souvenir Sheets MINT F/VF NH ANTI972-72AH8-SM-EBAYPrice: $9.00
View ImageANTIGUA - Scott 1004 Sail Race S/S MINT F/VF NH ANTI1004H8-SMPrice: $6.75
 ANTIGUA - Scott 1026, 1028, 1030, 1032-33 Trains, Planes Part I MINT NH ANTI1026,1028,1030,1032-33H8Price: $7.00
View ImageANTIGUA - Scott 1048-51 Olympics 1988 MINT NH ANTI1048-51H8-SMPrice: $6.60
View ImageANTIGUA - Scott 1052 Olympics 1988 S/S MINT F/VF NH ANTI1052H8-SMPrice: $5.25
View ImageANTIGUA - Scott 1058-61 U.S. Constitution MINT F/VF NH ANTI1058-61H8-SMPrice: $4.15
View ImageANTIGUA - Scott 1091 Salvation Army S/S MINT NH ANTI1091H8-SMPrice: $6.25
View ImageANTIGUA - Scott 1112-15 Sailing Week MINT F/VF NH ANTI1112-15H8-SMPrice: $3.25
 ANTIGUA - Scott 1128-29,1131,1134 Flowers I MINT NH ANTI1128-29,1131,1134H8Price: $4.00
 ANTIGUA - Scott 1197, 1199, 1201, 1204 Hirosige Paintings I MINT NH ANTI1197,1199,1201,1204H8Price: $4.90
View ImageANTIGUA - Scott 1223-30 Mushrooms MINT NH ANTI1223-30H8-SM-EBAYPrice: $17.85
View ImageANTIGUA - Scott 1231-32 Mushrooms Souvenir Sheets MINT NH ANTI1231-32H8-SM-EBAYPrice: $20.00
View ImageANTIGUA - Scott 1246-47 Disney Souvenir Sheets MINT NH ANTI1246-47H8-SMPrice: $14.50
View ImageANTIGUA - Scott 1263 Smithsonian S/S MINT NH ANTI1263H8-SMPrice: $4.00
 ANTIGUA - Scott 1275-76, 1280-81 UPAE Part I MINT NH ANTI1275-76,1280-81H8Price: $4.00
View ImageANTIGUA - Scott 1333 Los Angeles Olympic S/S MINT NH ANTI1333H8-SMPrice: $6.50
View ImageANTIGUA - Scott 1348-49 Soccer Cup FIFA Souvenir Sheets MINT NH ANTI1348-49H8-SMPrice: $13.00
View ImageANTIGUA - Scott 1409-10 Caterpillar Souvenir Sheets MINT NH ANTI1409-10H8-SM-EBAYPrice: $17.50
View ImageANTIGUA - Scott 1487 Independence S/S MINT F/VF NH ANTI1487H8-SMPrice: $8.50
 ANTIGUA - Scott 1495-96 Locomotive and Glider MINT NH ANTI1495-96H8-SMPrice: $3.60

Pageof 4  View:   Total Results: 171   Displaying: 1 to 50    | Next

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The most famous Antigua stamp set is the 1932 Tercentenary commemoratives Scott #67-76. The 19th Century stamp issues are often difficult to identify and many of them exist today without gum. Centering on early Antigua stamps was very crude and well-centered stamps are rare.

The most beautiful stamp set is the King George VI set issued between 1938 and 1948. The Antigua King George VI set has a number of varieties listed in Gibbons Catalog and the designs were used for the first Antigua Queen Elizabeth II stamps issued for the years 1953-1965.

Used stamps of Antigua are particularly difficult to obtain and undervalued in the worldwide stamp catalogs. Some of the most popular of the more modern Antigua stamps are the uniform stamp series of the early 1970’s. Topical Antigua stamps have been issued for birds, Picasso, Darwin and particularly for Antigua World Wildlife Fund stamps. James Audubon bird stamps of Antigua and butterfly stamps of Antigua are among the most popular issues.

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