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Herrick Stamp – large collections of stamps for sale.
Illustrated British Commonwealth stamps, Europe stamps and Asia stamps for sale.


This is a question we are often asked. Collectors know what stamps are worth when they buy them, but seem uncertain as to what they are worth when they go to sell them.

There are hundreds of dealers advertising to buy stamps on the internet and each saying in one way or another that they pay the highest price.

It is a confusing situation. Thus, when our Herrick clients have collections for sale, they often ask us for advice about selling their stamps. Let me know you how we help our clients obtain the best prices for their stamp collections. This is an actual letter to a Herrick customer:

Dear Mr. Beckett,

Regarding your question as to the best method for selling your collection, please let me give you my comments and offer our services.

I see that your collection has a USA ( including sheets), a French imperf collection, as well as albums of British America ,Vatican City, Japan and various new issues holdings.

It would be the rare dealer who could offer you top dollar for each and every portion of your collection. However, we can help you realize the maximum potential of your collection by selling each section on your behalf to the best buyer. In effect, we can act as your selling agent

Here is how it would work.

We will bring buyers into our offices and to our website to view your stamps and to make offers. If your collection should be split so that three different specialists have to make their offers, we will split your collection. It means that Vatican might be sold to one buyer, Japan to another and so forth. We are confident that we can find a buyer for each and every section of your holdings.

In other words, we will broker your collection via Private Treaty, getting your permission (in writing) for every step along the way. We will insure your collection and will charge a 10% fee for our services . If you want us to offer your collection on our Herrick website, there is an additional fee of $50.00 per month per listing.

We have many buyers ( collectors and dealers) who regularly visit our office. Some come monthly to see what is new . It is the rare overseas dealer who does not stop by our offices (located near JF Kennedy Airport) to see what we might have in their field of interest. You could also do this yourself, by having various dealers visit you in your home. However,many of our Herrick collectors have wanted to make their selling decisions in a thoughtful and deliberate manner, with a reliable company representing their interests. With Herrick representing you there is no time pressure to make a decision.

Once we have your collection on hand we will give you our estimated selling prices and seek your agreement. All selling decisions are firmly in your hand. We are not authorized to sell on your behalf with out your clear permission to sell.

You are firmly in control of your collection and all decisions.

If this makes sense to you, call us at 516-569-3811 and discuss your collection with me.


William A Herrick


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