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French Polynesia Mint Stamps -
French Polynesia Newest Postage Stamps

French Polynesia stamps are the definition of exotic in philately. A Pacific colony of France; Polynesia stamps, women and lifestyle are a fantasy to millions. Gauguin paintings and the stamps that reproduce them are icons of the art and philatelic world.

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View ImageFRENCH POLYNESIA - Scott 126-35 1941 France Libre Fresh Stamps. Gum and centering much better than usual. Some gum mottled, some gum bright. MINT VF NH FRPY126-35FOTOG-PRE53Price: $236.00
View ImageFRENCH POLYNESIA - Scott 192 1959 Flower MINT NH FRPY192H8Price: $3.16
View ImageFRENCH POLYNESIA - Scott 206 Human Rights 1963 MINT NH FRPY206H8-XSTPrice: $6.00
View ImageFRENCH POLYNESIA - Scott 267-69 Water Skiing MINT NH FRPY267-69H8Price: $22.40
View ImageFRENCH POLYNESIA - Scott 273 Alcoholism MINT NH FRPY273H8Price: $6.40
View ImageFRENCH POLYNESIA - Scott 275-76 Golf MINT NH FRPY275-76H8-XSTPrice: $15.20
View ImageFRENCH POLYNESIA - Scott 326 Rotary Club MINT VF NH FRPY326H8Price: $1.60
 FRENCH POLYNESIA - Scott 330 Rotary Club Ovpt. MINT VF NH FRPY330H8Price: $3.20
View ImageFRENCH POLYNESIA - Scott 334-36 Art Festival MINT NH FRPY334-36H8Price: $3.16
View ImageFRENCH POLYNESIA - Scott 341-43 Fish MINT NH FRPY341-43H8-XSTPrice: $4.00
 FRENCH POLYNESIA - Scott 358-60 Pearls MINT NH FRPY358-60H8-XSTPrice: $1.60
View ImageFRENCH POLYNESIA - Scott 367-69 Maps MINT NH FRPY367-69H8Price: $2.00
View ImageFRENCH POLYNESIA - Scott 370-72 Birds MINT NH FRPY370-72H8Price: $5.60
View ImageFRENCH POLYNESIA - Scott 373-75 Tropical Fish Imperf MINT NH FRPY373-75H8Price: $6.00
 FRENCH POLYNESIA - Scott 376-78 Religious Art Imperf MINT NH FRPY376-78FOTOG-XSPrice: $3.20
View ImageFRENCH POLYNESIA - Scott 376-78 Religious Sculptures MINT VF NH FRPY376-78H8Price: $2.40
View ImageFRENCH POLYNESIA - Scott 383-85 Chieftans (Costume) Imperf MINT NH FRPY383-85H8Price: $3.20
 FRENCH POLYNESIA - Scott 383-85 Chieftans (Costume) MINT NH FRPY383-85H8Price: $1.60
 FRENCH POLYNESIA - Scott 389 Martin Luther Imperf MINT NH FRPY389H8Price: $2.40
View ImageFRENCH POLYNESIA - Scott 390-92 Tiki Carvings Imperf MINT NH FRPY390-392H8Price: $4.80
View ImageFRENCH POLYNESIA - Scott 408-10 Tiki Art Imperf MINT NH FRPY408-10H8Price: $4.40
 FRENCH POLYNESIA - Scott 419-21 Folklore (3) MINT VF NH FRPY419-21H8-XSPrice: $2.40
View ImageFRENCH POLYNESIA - Scott 422-23 Local Food Imperf (2) MINT NH FRPY422-23FOTOGPrice: $8.80
 FRENCH POLYNESIA - Scott 436-37 Tiki Rock Carvings MINT NH FRPY436-37H8Price: $1.76
View ImageFRENCH POLYNESIA - Scott 438A Rare Type 1 Printing MINT NH FRPY438AH8-XSTPrice: $2.36
 FRENCH POLYNESIA - Scott 439-40,442-43 Landscapes Redrawn (4) MINT NH FRPY439-40,442-43H8-XSTPrice: $2.40
 FRENCH POLYNESIA - Scott 465-67 Medicinal Plants MINT NH FRPY465-67H8Price: $2.40
 FRENCH POLYNESIA - Scott 485 Polysat MINT VF NH FRPY485H8Price: $3.68
View ImageFRENCH POLYNESIA - Scott 518 Messages S/S MINT NH FRPY518H8Price: $4.80
View ImageFRENCH POLYNESIA - Scott 526 Gaugin Painting MINT VF NH FRPY526H8Price: $14.24
 FRENCH POLYNESIA - Scott 534-37 Scarce Navigator set MINT NH FRPY534-37FOTOGPrice: $19.92
 FRENCH POLYNESIA - Scott 543 DeGaulle MINT NH FRPY543H8-XSTPrice: $2.96
View ImageFRENCH POLYNESIA - Scott 545 New Zealand Expo S/S MINT VF NH FRPY545H8-XSTPrice: $3.44
 FRENCH POLYNESIA - Scott 567-69 Stone Sculptures MINT NH FRPY567-69H8-XSPrice: $3.54
 FRENCH POLYNESIA - Scott 592 Christopher Columbus 1992 MINT NH FRPY592H8-XSTPrice: $1.90
View ImageFRENCH POLYNESIA - Scott 593 Columbus S/S MINT NH FRPY593H8-XSTPrice: $3.64
 FRENCH POLYNESIA - Scott 602 Herman Melville MINT NH FRPY602H8Price: $2.96
View ImageFRENCH POLYNESIA - Scott 622 Volcano MINT NH FRPY622H8-XSTPrice: $2.40
 FRENCH POLYNESIA - Scott 623 Taipei 1993 MINT NH FRPY623H8Price: $2.40
View ImageFRENCH POLYNESIA - Scott 648 Strip of 4 MINT NH FRPY648H8Price: $4.56
 FRENCH POLYNESIA - Scott 654 Tourism MINT NH FRPY654H8Price: $1.39
 FRENCH POLYNESIA - Scott 657 Protected Species MINT NH FRPY657H8Price: $2.40
 FRENCH POLYNESIA - Scott 660 Monoi Beauty MINT NH FRPY660H8Price: $2.44
View ImageFRENCH POLYNESIA - Scott 665 Marquises Iles MINT NH FRPY665H8Price: $5.17
View ImageFRENCH POLYNESIA - Scott 667 Strip of 4 MINT NH FRPY667H8Price: $5.29
View ImageFRENCH POLYNESIA - Scott 677 Paul-Emile Victor MINT NH FRPY677H8Price: $7.86
View ImageFRENCH POLYNESIA - Scott 684 China S/S MINT VF NH FRPY684H8-XSTPrice: $3.16
 FRENCH POLYNESIA - Scott 685-87 Birds 1996 MINT NH FRPY685-87H8Price: $3.60
 FRENCH POLYNESIA - Scott 693 Stamp Day 1996 MINT NH FRPY693H8-XSTPrice: $1.53
View ImageFRENCH POLYNESIA - Scott 743A Painting (Map) S/S MINT NH FRPY743AH8-XSTPrice: $8.00

Pageof 4  View:   Total Results: 197   Displaying: 1 to 50    | Next

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Gauguin painting stamps drew thousands of collectors to French Polynesia stamps and continuing designs and themes of the postal administration has kept collectors entranced for decades. New issues are often printed in Paris but local French Polynesia stamps also appear from time to time and are often prized stamps because they have to be bought at island post offices rather than at overseas stamp agencies.
French Polynesia stamp designs are diverse and Polynesia thematic stamp issues often concentrate on ships, paintings, birds and even a golf stamp. Is there a golf course in French Polynesia at all is a question we ask.
There have been controversial stamp issues with wrong designs and even a famous French legal case where a woman was depicted on a French Polynesian stamp and thus her privacy was compromised in violation of French law. That stamp was withdrawn from circulation! The woman was not.
Free French overprints and early colonial issues of French Polynesia are popular with stamp collectors. Some early issues that were stored in the Tropics have gum problems more often than not and stamp collectors might need to relax their standards a bit for these issues if they want to fill in nice looking stamps in their albums. Gum problems and even wax paper adhesion are a sign of genuine early issues in some cases.
French Polynesia stamp prices are strong. There is worldwide demand for these exotic island stamp issues. So many people dream of living on a tropical isle like Tahiti but never get close. Better to dream through philately than visit these islands and have dreams broken by the reality of living in an exotic looking, but rough and tumble Pacific island.
To see the latest worldwide new stamp issues please see the New Issue Listings at Herrick Stamp Company website.