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Large Lots and Stamp Collections

Stamps lots and stamp collections of older stamps, worldwide stamps, topical stamps, foreign stamps and USA stamps priced well below Scott Stamp Catalog value.

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View ImageBAHAMAS & BERMUDA Mint NH Stamp Collection in Album
From 1184 on - Collection of mostly Mint NH stamps of Bahamas & Bermuda in album. Complete sets with no faults and also some blocks of four. Neatly displayed. Some early issues LH and many later issues with high face values inlcudes some better defins. Internet retail $1300.00 (H8bltk)
View ImageFRENCH COMMUNITY African Nations Large Stamp & S/S Collection
French Community - African Nations. This very large collection includes stamps and souvenir sheets from Benin, Burkina Faso (Upper Volta), Cameroun, Central African Republic, Chad, Congo People's Republic, Dahomey, Gabon, Guinea, Ivory Coast, Malagasy, Mali, Niger & Senegal. This collection has over 850 sets and souvenir sheets, thousands of stamps, all different, all Mint Never Hinged.
View ImageFRENCH INDIA 1892-1948 Used & Unused Stamp Collection
1892-1948 Collection of used and unused singles, sets, blocks of four and larger, housed in a small stock book, many better items including ""France Libre"" overprints, varieties etc., mixed condition, many NH, F/VF. Catalogue $5200.00
View ImageHONG KONG Sc.# 285-86 Wholesale Stamp Lot
Huge Wholesale Lot of 72 Sets (144 values total). Scott Retail $1656.00
View ImageHUNGARY Sc.# B69a-71 Wholesale Stamp Lot
Wholesale Lot of 85 Sets - 1920 Issue - Help Prisoners of War Large Lot of NH sets, Overall centering F-VF, Fresh with Good color. A few sets with minor cracks on the gum. Scott Retail $1572.50
View ImageIRAN Sc.# 983--RA2 Dealers Stock Stamp Lot
Large Dealers Stock years 1953-1988 with most of the value in the early and middle years with very little more recent stamps. Large box with 1000's of stamps, all mint NH (except for B28-30) with over 2,700 stamp sets and individually issued stamps. Scott 2015 retail value in excess of $14,500.00. High quality throughout with various quantities as listed on 3 page detailed inventory.
 TRIESTE ZONE A Sc.# 1-QY4 Complete Collection
Italian Zone A Trioeste Mint NH High Quality collection complete. Scott #1-208, C1-26, E1-EY5, J1-29, Q1-QY4. Yes, all the stamps are here in excellent condition with a Scott retail of $5738.00. A really good buy and scarce material
 TRIESTE ZONE A Sc.# 1-QY4 Complete Collection
Italian Zone A Trioeste Mint NH High Quality collection complete. Scott #1-208, C1-26, E1-EY5, J1-29, Q1-QY4. Yes, all the stamps are here in excellent condition with a Scott retail of $5738.00. A really good buy and scarce material
View ImageITALY AEGEAN ISLANDS Mint/Used Stamp Collection
Comprehensive mint and used collection of 440 stamps in Marini hingeless album with slip case, including General Issue 1932 St. Anthony of Padua set, 1934 Soccer set with airmails, 1935 set with airmails, an excellent range of issues for the individual islands including the 1932 Garibaldi issue set used from Calchi, Caso, Patmo, Piscopi, Rhodes, Scarpanto and Simi, Rhodes 1929 set, o.g. and Stampalia 1932 set o.g., a few small faults though generally F/VF. Scott catalog exceeds $8500.00
View ImageLIBYA Premium, Mostly Mint Stamp Collection
VF; well worth inspection; Scott catalog value exceeds $6700.00-Premium, mostly mint collection of over 500 stamps in Marini hingeless album with slip case, featuring a strong assortment of complete sets, including 1921 10L used, 1926 perf 11 set, 1934 set, semi-postals 1929 set, 1932 set, airmails 1932 and 1933 sets, 1934 5L+1L, 10L+2L and 25L+3L, Cyrenaica 1925-26 perf 13 1-2 1.25L, airmail semi-postals 1934 set, Tripolitania semi-postals 1930 set, airmail semi-postals 1934 set, some Sassone listed items not counted, mint includes o.g., l.h. with some 30 stamps used, few small faults, generally F
View ImageNEWFOUNDLAND Mostly Mint Stamp Collection in Binder
Mostly mint collection in mounts on White Ace pages housed in a single binder, the collection is quite comprehensive, lacking primarily the rarities, but including #11A mint and used, 12A, 17-23, most 1865-90 issued mint or used, 1897 Cabot, 1910-11 Guy issued lithographed and engraved, plus varieties including #90 imperf, 1911 Royal family, 1919 Caribou and all the rest of the definite sets complete, air mail include #C3a used, C3f, C6-11, C9-11 blocks of four n.h., C12 and C13-17, plus there is some duplication, some no gum and some off center among the 19th century as well as the occasional small fault, most are o.g. or l.h., with some n.h., generally F/VF.
View ImagePORTUGUESE TIMOR 19th & 20th Century Stamp Collection
Mostly Mint 19th & 20th Century collection of over 400 stamps on Scott pages, a much better group than usually encountered, including many complete sets with 1887, 1898-1903, 1902, 1914-23, 1935, 1938 and 1947 sets, airmails with 1947 set, mint includes o.g., l.h., scattered n.h. with 29 stamps used, generally F/VF; Well worth review.
View ImageSURINAME Sc.# 236--J69 Mint NH Stamp Collection
Powerful mint 99% NH stock with detailed inventory provided on excel. Thousands of stamps with a Scott retail value of $28,337.00. This is a fresh topical loaded stock and probably the best Suriname stamp group available on the market today.
View ImageSWITZERLAND 1881-1968 Years, Strong in Unused S.P. and Airs
1881-1968 years starts with #41 and includes used #48, 50 (Pair), 81 and mint B143-44. Strong in unused semi-postals and airs with no early clunkers. Some back of the book and slight duplication throughout. Obviously damaaged stamps or forgeries not counted. Scott value over $4000.00
View ImageUNITED STATES Sc.# 859-91 Famous Americans Wholesale Stamp Lot
Famous Americans Lot of 224 Sheets. Wonderful wholesale collection Mint NH sheets in various quantities including #864, 873, 878, 882, 884-88 and 888 among others. Complete inventory follows: 859 (41 sheets), 861 (4), 862 (7), 864 (17), 865 (10), 869 (11), 870 (8), 871 (1), 873 (2), 875 (4), 876 (11), 877 (16), 878 (2), 879 (11), 880 (2), 882 (1), 884 (10), 884-88 (1), 885 (20), 886 (21), 887 )10), 888 (1), 889 (9) and 891 (4). Very high retail value, all generally fine condition.

Pageof 1  View:   Total Results: 15   Displaying: 1 to 15    | 

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