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Old Niue Stamps - New Niue Stamps

Niue stamps were first issued in 1902 and older issues remain remarkably inexpensive. Large quantities of early Niue stamps no longer exist and prices are quite low for early Niue stamp issues.
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View ImageNIUE - Scott 73-75 1938 KG VI. Undervalued in Scott. Gibbons $115.00 MINT NH NIUE73-75FOTOG-EBAY-PRE53Price: $28.00
View ImageNIUE - Scott 359C-E Prince William MINT NH NIUE359C-EH8Price: $4.00
 NIUE - Scott 520 Royal Wedding MINT NH NIUE520H8Price: $4.00
View ImageNIUE - Scott 571 Moon Landing Strip of 3 MINT NH NIUE571H8Price: $11.50
View ImageNIUE - Scott 573-76 Christmas 1969 MINT NH NIUE573-76H8Price: $9.25
 NIUE - Scott 587 Queen Mother MINT NH NIUE587H8Price: $4.00
View ImageNIUE - Scott 658-60 Surcharges MINT NH NIUE658-60H8Price: $10.00
 NIUE - Scott 732A WWF Coral S/S MINT NH NIUE732AH8Price: $10.00
 NIUE - Scott 795 Centenary Rotary Sheetlet of 3 Diff. MINT NH NIUE795H8-XSPrice: $5.00
View ImageNIUE - Scott 806 NBA Lebron James Silver Foil MINT NH NIUE806H8-XSPrice: $12.76
View ImageNIUE - Scott 808 NBA Allen Iverson Silver Foil MINT NH NIUE808H8-XSPrice: $12.75
View ImageNIUE - Scott 810 NBA Tracy McGrady Silver Foil MINT NH NIUE810H8-XSPrice: $12.74
View ImageNIUE - Scott 811 NBA Jermaine O'Neal Silver Foil MINT NH NIUE811H8Price: $12.73
View ImageNIUE - Scott NEW ISSUE Butterfly Fish (P/3 @ Face) (4) MINT NH NIUEH548Price 1-2: $9.47
Price 3+: $6.06
View ImageNIUE - Scott NEW ISSUE Butterfly Fish Souvenir Sheet (P/3 @ Face) (1) MINT NH NIUEH548Price 1-2: $9.47
Price 3+: $6.06
View ImageNIUE - Scott 933-34 Queen Elizabeth II 90th Birthday (2) MINT NH NIUE933-34R514Price 1-2: $6.39
Price 3+: $4.09
View ImageNIUE - Scott 934a Queen Elizabeth II 90th Birthday Souvenir Sheet (1) MINT NH NIUE934aR514Price 1-2: $6.39
Price 3+: $4.09

Pageof 1  View:   Total Results: 17   Displaying: 1 to 17    | 

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Modern Niue stamps have been rather easy to obtain and quite attractive with topical and relevant international designs. Captain Cook is a regular design feature on Niue stamps as are birds shells and flowers.
New issues of Niue stamps are rather infrequent and dealers do not stock this country. Years ago there was a run up of prices on small Pacific islands because dealers only were stocking large countries. That set up is starting again. Economics do not favor dealers who stock Niue stamps, thus they are increasingly hard to find.
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All new Niue stamps are listed and illustrated every two weeks in the new issue stamp section of our website
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Check out Herrick Stamp often for all the news of Niue stamps and special offers of older Niue stamp issues.