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Great Britain Mint Stamps - Great Britain Newest Postage Stamps

Stamps from Great Britain are the Royalty of philately. Pun intended. British stamps are the most well known and the most popular stamps collected worldwide. British stamps can be found in collections from every country.

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View ImageGREAT BRITAIN - Scott 74 Rare, unused fresh stamp. Scott Value $60,000. This one a very good copy. Priced right. MINT Fine N.G. GRBR74H5Price: $19000.00
View ImageGREAT BRITAIN - Scott 109 Handsome 1884 very well centered Queen Victoria High Value. MINT H GRBR109H5Price: $895.00
View ImageGREAT BRITAIN - Scott 114 1887 MINT LH GRBR114H8-PRE53Price: $11.50
View ImageGREAT BRITAIN - Scott 127-38 King Edward VII Fresh MINT NH GRBR127-38H5Price: $1200.00
View ImageGREAT BRITAIN - Scott 131 Edward VII 2 1/2 Pence MINT NH GRBR131FOTOGPrice: $8.95
View ImageGREAT BRITAIN - Scott 133 1902 KE VII Multicolor 4d. Scott $60.00 MINT LH GRBR133FOTOGPrice: $13.95
View ImageGREAT BRITAIN - Scott 135 6 Pence MINT LH GRBR135FOTOGPrice: $20.00
View ImageGREAT BRITAIN - Scott 142 1902 Large Green £ Stamp. Fresh front and back MINT NH GRBR142H5Price: $1900.00
View ImageGREAT BRITAIN - Scott 142 Fresh NH £ Green. MINT NH GRBR142H5Price: $1950.00
View ImageGREAT BRITAIN - Scott 142 Very Nice Marginal High Value. Quality Stamp MINT NH GRBR142H5Price: $2000.00
View ImageGREAT BRITAIN - Scott 145 Fresh Edw. VII Catalogue $80.00 MINT VF NH GRBR145H8-PRE53Price: $33.00
View ImageGREAT BRITAIN - Scott 145 VF NH Block of 4 MINT VF NH GRBR145H5Price: $149.00
View ImageGREAT BRITAIN - Scott 145 Fresh 1910 Block NH MINT NH GRBR145H5Price: $148.00
View ImageGREAT BRITAIN - Scott 147 1911 Harrison Printing F NH MINT Fine NH GRBR147H5Price: $49.00
View ImageGREAT BRITAIN - Scott 185-86 1924 Wembley. Scott Retail $43.50 MINT NH GRBR185-86FOTOG-EBAY-PRE53Price: $16.00
View ImageGREAT BRITAIN - Scott 195A KG V Block Chalky Paper SG# 426 MINT NH GRBR195AH5Price: $49.00
View ImageGREAT BRITAIN - Scott 203-04 1925 Wembley MINT LH GRBR203-04FOTOG-EBAY-PRE53Price: $16.00
View ImageGREAT BRITAIN - Scott 209 1929 UPU Block of 4 MINT NH GRBR209BILL-KENPrice: $3900.00
View ImageGREAT BRITAIN - Scott 222-24 Selected for lite cancels. Beautiful Premium High Values USED SUPERB GRBR222-24FOTOG-EBAY-PRE53Price: $49.00
View ImageGREAT BRITAIN - Scott 222-24 Blocks VF NH MINT NH GRBR222-24BILL-KENPrice: $2700.00
View ImageGREAT BRITAIN - Scott 226-29 1935 Silver Jubilee MINT NH GRBR226-29FOTOG-H8-PRE53-XSPrice: $4.90
View ImageGREAT BRITAIN - Scott 235A-39A KG VI Coils MINT LH GRBR235A-39AH8-PRE53Price: $29.00
View ImageGREAT BRITAIN - Scott 236A KG VI Coils MINT NH GRBR236AH8-PRE53Price: $14.00
View ImageGREAT BRITAIN - Scott 252-57 1940 Stamp Cent. MINT NH GRBR252-57H8-PRE53Price: $4.00
View ImageGREAT BRITAIN - Scott 263 KG VI Better Issue. Wholesale Lot of 30 Stamps. Scott Retail $150.00 MINT NH GRBR263WPrice: $39.00
View ImageGREAT BRITAIN - Scott 281A-84A Side Wtmk. Coils MINT NH GRBR281A-84AH8-PRE53Price: $3.00
 GREAT BRITAIN - Scott 281A-84A Side Wtmk Coils Pairs MINT NH GRBR281A-84AH8-PRE53Price: $7.00
View ImageGREAT BRITAIN - Scott 286-88 Fresh, rare corner blocks of 10. Nothing nicer than this piece. MINT NH GRBR286-88H5Price: $395.00
View ImageGREAT BRITAIN - Scott 287 KGVI 5 Sh. MINT NH GRBR287H8-PRE53-XSPrice: $12.00
 GREAT BRITAIN - Scott 296b Side Wtmk. MINT NH GRBR296bH8-PRE53Price: $4.95
 GREAT BRITAIN - Scott 313-16 1953 Coronation MINT LH GRBR313-316H8-PRE53-XSPrice: $5.00
View ImageGREAT BRITAIN - Scott 317c-22d 1957 Graphite Undervalued Set MINT NH GRBR317c-22dH8-FOTOGPrice: $6.95
View ImageGREAT BRITAIN - Scott 319c, 320A-B, 322C 1955 Sideway Wtmk Coil Pairs MINT LH GRBR319c,320A-B,322CH8Price: $15.00
 GREAT BRITAIN - Scott 319c, 320A-B, 322C 1955 Sideway Wtmk Coils MINT LH GRBR319c,320A-B,322CH8Price: $7.50
View ImageGREAT BRITAIN - Scott 319c-22c Scarce Coils with Sideway Watermark (4) MINT NH GRBR319c-22cH8-PRE53Price: $9.00
 GREAT BRITAIN - Scott 320A Coil Strip of 5 MINT NH GRBR320AH8-PRE53Price: $2.00
View ImageGREAT BRITAIN - Scott 334-36 Scout Jamboree MINT NH GRBR334-36H8Price: $4.95
 GREAT BRITAIN - Scott 338-40 Emire Games MINT NH GRBR338-40H8Price: $2.00
View ImageGREAT BRITAIN - Scott 353c 1959 Graphite Coil Pair Lot of 61 pairs. Only issued in booklets & coils. Pairs proves from coil. Catalogue Value $1281.00 MINT VF NH GRBR353cWPrice: $99.00
 GREAT BRITAIN - Scott 353E Setenant Pane MINT NH GRBR353EH8Price: $5.00
 GREAT BRITAIN - Scott 354c Coil Strip of 4 MINT NH GRBR354cH8Price: $4.00
View ImageGREAT BRITAIN - Scott 355b Scarce Pane of 4 MINT NH GRBR355bH8-PRE53Price: $7.00
View ImageGREAT BRITAIN - Scott 355c 1959 Scarce Graphite MINT NH GRBR355cH5Price: $60.00
 GREAT BRITAIN - Scott 356c 2P Graphite MINT LH GRBR356cH8Price: $2.00
View ImageGREAT BRITAIN - Scott 357d Key QE II Graphite MINT LH GRBR357dH8-FOTOGPrice: $4.95
 GREAT BRITAIN - Scott 359A 4D Graphite MINT NH GRBR359AH8Price: $3.00
 GREAT BRITAIN - Scott 359ap 4D Graphite MINT LH GRBR359apH8Price: $3.00
 GREAT BRITAIN - Scott 375-76 Letter Office USED GRBR375-376H8Price: $1.20
 GREAT BRITAIN - Scott 379-81 1961 Post Office MINT NH GRBR379-81H8Price: $1.70
 GREAT BRITAIN - Scott 385-86 1961 Parliament MINT NH GRBR385-86H8Price: $1.75

Pageof 4  View:   Total Results: 159   Displaying: 1 to 50    | Next

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Royal Mail stamp issues have been saved since 1840 as curiosities and as historical artifacts by collectors from around the old British Empire to stamp collectors in China and all of Asia. Great Britain Penny Black is in almost every stamp collection we see on the market.
King George VI stamps of Great Britain are enjoying a price and interest revival at present. Stamps of this reign were limited in quantity and were issued purely for postal purposes. A complete Great Britain stamp collection of KGVI is the easiest reign to assemble. Except for the four British stamps for KEVIII!
British commemorative stamps are among the most appropriate stamps issued in the world. Great Britains new issue stamp policy calls for a connection of the subject matter to Britain itself. Great Britain stamp designers are among the best in the world and British new issue stamps are popular worldwide.
Some of the most popular British topical stamps are QE II stamps and British train stamps, Dr. Who stamps and British birds on stamps. The British Machin series of definitive values has a lot of potential for study and can make an inexpensive British stamp collection.
British stamp issues for Jersey, Guernsey, Alderney and Isle of Man are collected as independent countries. Scotland, Wales, England and Northern Ireland are collected as an integral part of a Great Britain stamp collection.
Whatever your collecting interests, Great Britain stamps have something for every collector. From classic Queen Victoria stamps to the commemorative issues of modern day. British stamps were the originators in so many areas of philately that they deserve respect for longevity, continuity and conservative stamp design and issuance.

To see the latest Great Britain new stamp issues please see the New Issue Listings at Herrick Stamp Company website.