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Fiji Mint Stamps - Fiji Newest Postage Stamps

Stamps of Fiji are in the news as is Fiji itself. Fiji stamps have had a run of provisional overprints on Fiji bird stamp definitives. These overprints were locally produced and there are many varieties. Scott does not list all different types of Fiji bird provisional overprints at present. Perhaps like in the past so many times; Scott catalogue will eventually study the Fji bird stamps more thoroughly and add additional listings to the Scott catalogue and to the Fiji stamp album pages.

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View ImageFIJI - Scott 9 Rare 9p mint with original gum. Hinge remnants. Delicate stamp, very nice copy choice with a Holcombe certificate. OG FIJI9BILL-KENPrice: $1900.00
View ImageFIJI - Scott 117C KGVI Perf 14 MINT LH FIJI117CH8-PRE53Price: $9.00
View ImageFIJI - Scott 117D King George VI perf 12. Elusive stamp. MINT NH FIJI117DH8-PRE53Price: $1.00
View ImageFIJI - Scott 119 Empty Canoe MINT LH FIJI119H8-PRE53Price: $7.00
View ImageFIJI - Scott 132 1 1/2p Redrawn MINT NH FIJI132H8-PRE53Price: $2.00
View ImageFIJI - Scott 141-44 1949 UPU MINT NH FIJI141-44H8-PRE53Price: $3.00
View ImageFIJI - Scott 203-04 1963 Red Cross MINT NH FIJI203-04H8-XSPrice: $2.50
View ImageFIJI - Scott 208-10 Aircraft MINT F/VF NH FIJI208-10H8-XSPrice: $2.00
View ImageFIJI - Scott 211-12 I.T.U. MINT NH FIJI211-12H8-XSPrice: $1.50
View ImageFIJI - Scott 215-18 1965 Winston Churchill MINT NH FIJI215-18H8-XSPrice: $3.00
View ImageFIJI - Scott 219-20 World Cup Soccer (2) MINT NH FIJI219-20H8-XSPrice: $2.00
 FIJI - Scott 224-25 WHO MINT NH FIJI224-25H8Price: $4.00
View ImageFIJI - Scott 260-76 1969 Topicals MINT NH FIJI260-76H8Price: $14.90
View ImageFIJI - Scott 293-96 Tasman Ship and Voyage MINT NH FIJI293-96H8Price: $3.00
View ImageFIJI - Scott 344-46 Cricket Sport MINT NH FIJI344-46H8Price: $3.00
View ImageFIJI - Scott 367-70 Air Service MINT NH FIJI367-70H8Price: $5.00
View ImageFIJI - Scott 397-400 Rare W.W.F. Gutter Pair MINT NH FIJI397-400FOTOG-XS-EBAYPrice: $16.00
View ImageFIJI - Scott 397-400 WWF Reptiles, Birds MINT NH FIJI397-400FOTOGPrice: $14.00
View ImageFIJI - Scott 409-25 Buildings (Less 411B) MINT F/VF NH FIJI409-25(Less411B)H8-XsPrice: $9.00
View ImageFIJI - Scott 445-48 Telecommunications MINT NH FIJI445-448H8Price: $2.00
 FIJI - Scott 449 Food Day M/S of 10 MINT NH FIJI449H8Price: $3.00
View ImageFIJI - Scott 454-57 World War II MINT NH FIJI454-57H8Price: $9.00
View ImageFIJI - Scott 500-04 Mushrooms MINT F/VF NH FIJI500-04H8-XSPrice: $9.00
View ImageFIJI - Scott 509-12 Lloyds List MINT F/VF NH FIJI509-12H8-XSPrice: $3.00
View ImageFIJI - Scott 514-17 Animals, Plane, Ship MINT F/VF NH FIJI514-17H8Price: $2.70
View ImageFIJI - Scott 517 Ausipex (Boat) Inverted Wtmk. MINT NH FIJI517H8Price: $7.50
View ImageFIJI - Scott 523-26 Butterflies MINT NH FIJI523-26H8Price: $11.00
View ImageFIJI - Scott 527-30 Expo 1985 MINT NH FIJI527-30H8Price: $3.00
View ImageFIJI - Scott 536-39 Shallow Water Fish MINT F/VF NH FIJI536-39H8Price: $8.50
View ImageFIJI - Scott 540-43 Seabirds MINT F/VF NH FIJI540-43H8Price: $16.50
View ImageFIJI - Scott 544-48 QE II Birthday MINT NH FIJI544-48H8-XSPrice: $2.00
View ImageFIJI - Scott 551-53 Halley's Comet MINT NH FIJI551-53H8Price: $4.50
View ImageFIJI - Scott 554-59 Frog, Snake, Lizards MINT NH FIJI554-59H8Price: $7.50
View ImageFIJI - Scott 560-63 War Clubs MINT NH FIJI560-63H8Price: $4.00
View ImageFIJI - Scott 564-69 Shells MINT NH FIJI564-69H8Price: $7.95
View ImageFIJI - Scott 568A Shells Inverted Wtmk. MINT NH FIJI568AH8Price: $8.95
View ImageFIJI - Scott 570 Flowers S/S MINT NH FIJI570H8Price: $3.00
View ImageFIJI - Scott 574-78 Beetles MINT NH FIJI574-78H8Price: $9.50
View ImageFIJI - Scott 579-82 Christmas 1987 MINT NH FIJI579-82H8Price: $8.00
 FIJI - Scott 585-90 Ancient Pottery MINT NH FIJI585-90H8Price: $4.00
 FIJI - Scott 595-98 Flowers MINT F/VF NH FIJI595-98H8Price: $4.00
View ImageFIJI - Scott 603-06 Capt. Bligh MINT NH FIJI603-06H8Price: $9.50
View ImageFIJI - Scott 611-14 FIFA Soccer Cup 1990 MINT NH FIJI611-14H8Price: $7.70
View ImageFIJI - Scott 615-18 Christmas 1989 MINT NH FIJI615-18H8Price: $4.00
View ImageFIJI - Scott 625-28 Soil Conservation MINT NH FIJI625-28H8Price: $4.95
View ImageFIJI - Scott 661-64 Inter-Island Shipping MINT NH FIJI661-64H8Price: $12.95
View ImageFIJI - Scott 676-79 Christmas 1992 MINT NH FIJI676-79H8Price: $8.00
View ImageFIJI - Scott 680-83 Anniv. Peace Corps in Fiji MINT F/VF NH FIJI680-83H8-XSPrice: $6.00
View ImageFIJI - Scott 684-86 Hong Kong Rugby Sevents MINT F/VF NH FIJI684-86H8Price: $6.00
View ImageFIJI - Scott 692-97 Nudibranches MINT F/VF NH FIJI692-97H8Price: $13.00

Pageof 2  View:   Total Results: 89   Displaying: 1 to 50    | Next

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Fiji was the site of the Tom Hanks movie Castaway and the island nation is again in New York Times articles as a place where you can buy an island and live your dreams.
A closer and less expensive way to dream is through Fiji stamps. Fiji postage stamps are somewhat out of the ordinary. Early issues were newspaper printed and stamp designs often featured local Fiji scenes and environment. There are fewer international stamp subjects on Fiji stamps than usually found in Australia area British Commonwealth stamp issues.
WWF stamps are in demand from Chinese collectors and early KG VI issues of 1938 have seen strong price appreciation as of late. We like Fiji stamps and have a personal collection of this interesting country and its beautiful stamps.
To see the latest worldwide new stamp issues please see the New Issue Listings at Herrick Stamp Company website.