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Costa Rica Mint Stamps - Costa Rica Newest Stamps

It was not until 1563 that the Spanish permanent settlement of Cartago was established in the cooler, fertile central highlands. The area remained a colony for some two and a half centuries. In 1821, Costa Rica became one of several Central American provinces that jointly delcared their independence from Spain. Since the late 19th century, only two brief periods of violence have marred the country's democratic development. Costa Rica has expanded its economy to include strong technology and tourism industries.
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View ImageCOSTA RICA - Scott 243-45 Coffee Harvesting 1945 MINT NH COST243-45H8-PRE53Price: $2.00
 COSTA RICA - Scott 274,C653-57 Flowers MINT NH COST274,C653-57H8Price: $6.90
 COSTA RICA - Scott 418-19 UPAEP-America MINT NH COST418-19H8-XSPrice: $5.95
View ImageCOSTA RICA - Scott 608 Virgin of the Angels S/S MINT NH COST608H8Price: $14.00
View ImageCOSTA RICA - Scott 614 Central American Peace Pair MINT NH COST614H8Price: $4.00
View ImageCOSTA RICA - Scott 616 Churches Sheetlet of 6 Different MINT NH COST616H8-XSPrice: $21.00
View ImageCOSTA RICA - Scott 617 Churches S/S MINT NH COST617FOTOG-XSPrice: $12.72
View ImageCOSTA RICA - Scott 621 Art Sheetlet of 4 Different MINT NH COST621H8-XSPrice: $13.96
 COSTA RICA - Scott 622 Dept. of Labor & Social Society Sheetlet of 4 Diff. MINT NH COST622H8Price: $3.50
View ImageCOSTA RICA - Scott 622 Ranucci Mural S/S Wholesale Lot of 6 MINT NH COST622WPrice: $29.00
 COSTA RICA - Scott 649 Olympic S/S MINT NH COST649H8Price: $4.50
View ImageCOSTA RICA - Scott 654 95th Anniversary Bancredito Souvenir Sheet (1) MINT NH COST654H8Price 1-2: $1.30
Price 3+: $0.98
View ImageCOSTA RICA - Scott 668 Education for Everyone Souvenir Sheet (1) MINT NH COST668H8-XSPrice: $4.94
View ImageCOSTA RICA - Scott 670 Nelson Mandela (1) MINT NH COST670H8Price: $4.38
View ImageCOSTA RICA - Scott 670a Nelson Mandela Booklet of 3 (1) MINT NH COST670aH8-XSPrice: $9.54
 COSTA RICA - Scott C601-06 Insurance MINT NH COSTC601-06H8Price: $4.50
 COSTA RICA - Scott C643A Setenant Block MINT NH COSTC643AH8-XSPrice: $4.00
 COSTA RICA - Scott C683-87 Rotary Club MINT NH COSTC683-87H8-XSPrice: $3.30
 COSTA RICA - Scott C735-36 Cathedral MINT NH COSTC735-36H8Price: $2.80
View ImageCOSTA RICA - Scott C747-49 Hungry Bird Chicks. Extremely Attractive and Popular Set. Hard to Find!! MINT NH COSTC747-49FOTOGPrice: $6.95
View ImageCOSTA RICA - Scott C782-85 Olympics 1980 MINT VF NH COSTC782-85H8Price: $21.00
 COSTA RICA - Scott C795-96 Philatelic MINT NH COSTC795-96H8Price: $2.90
View ImageCOSTA RICA - Scott C820-23 Birds MINT NH COSTC820-23H8-XSPrice: $8.49
 COSTA RICA - Scott RA125 City of Children 2006 Charity MINT NH COSTRA125H8-XSPrice: $2.00
View ImageCOSTA RICA - Scott NEW ISSUE Christmas 2012 (City of Children) Strip of 4 Different (1) MINT NH COSTR433Price: $0.79
View ImageCOSTA RICA - Scott NEW ISSUE Francisca Carrasco Souvenir Sheet (1) MINT NH COSTR519Price: $7.00
View ImageCOSTA RICA - Scott 653 150th Anniversary First Stamp Gold Foil Souvenir Sheet (1) MINT NH COST653R436Price 1-2: $9.07
Price 3+: $5.87
View ImageCOSTA RICA - Scott 668 100 Years Chamber of Commerce Souvenir Sheet (1) MINT NH COST668R487Price: $4.31
View ImageCOSTA RICA - Scott 669 Firefighting Souvenir Sheet (Scented) (1) MINT NH COST669R495Price 1-2: $13.26
Price 3+: $7.81
View ImageCOSTA RICA - Scott 674 50th Anniv. of Coope Ande Souvenir Sheet (1) MINT NH COST674R503Price: $5.30

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A wonderful country to visit or to collect. We recommend you stop in at the Philatelic Section at the main post office in San Jose. Attached is a surprising large museum of postal history.
Stamps of Costa Rica are very popular throughout the world. A stable government, conservative Costa Rican stamp issuing policies and no overseas agents for stamp sales, make for a winning combination.
Costa Rica stamps are not promoted, they are produced for postal purposes. There are scarce Costa Rica stamp sets, but few great rarities. A complete stamp collection is in reach of most collectors.
Recent Costa Rica stamp issues are harder to find than those of fifty years ago. Few dealers have the funds to stock world wide stamps, and Costa Rica is often overlooked.
Flowers, Orchids and Bird stamps have international appeal. Tourism is popular with travel to the Atlantic and Pacific beaches. Visitors often want to collect stamps from places they travel to and that they like. We believe Costa Rica stamps will continue to find wide collecting interest .

To see the latest Costa Rica new stamp issues please see the New Issue Listings at Herrick Stamp Company website.