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Cook Islands Mint Stamps - Cook Islands Used Stamps - Cook Islands Newest Stamps

Named after Captain Cook, who sighted them in 1770, the islands became a British protectorate in 1888. By 1900, administrative control was transferred to New Zealand; in 1965, residents chose self-government in free association with New Zealand.
Cook Island stamps have long been one of our favorites and the Herrick listing of 339 different Cook Island stamps items attests to our life long interest.
Famous for long topical sets such as #199-220 Flowers Cook Islands stamp, Cook Islands stamps, Herrick Stamp, Flower stamp, and #948-89 Cook Islands stamp, Cook Islands stamps, Herrick Stamp provisional overprints, Cook stamp philately has many long standing topical themes over the years of issuing stamps.
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View ImageCOOK ISLANDS - Scott 1142-46 Christmas 1993 MINT NH COOK1142-46H8Price: $6.50
View ImageCOOK ISLANDS - Scott 1147 Olympic Ice Skating MINT NH COOK1147H8Price: $4.85
View ImageCOOK ISLANDS - Scott 1148 World Cup Soccer MINT NH COOK1148H8Price: $5.00
View ImageCOOK ISLANDS - Scott 1149-50 25th Anniv. of the 1st Moonlanding Setenant Pairs (2) MINT NH COOK1149-50H8-EBAYPrice: $9.00
View ImageCOOK ISLANDS - Scott 1154-76 Living Reef Type 2 (10) MINT NH COOK1154-76H8Price: $7.90
View ImageCOOK ISLANDS - Scott 1192-93 Christmas 1994 MINT NH COOK1192-93H8-XSPrice: $7.00
View ImageCOOK ISLANDS - Scott 1194 Robert Louis Stevenson Paintings from his books MINT NH COOK1194H8-EBAYPrice: $7.00
View ImageCOOK ISLANDS - Scott 1195 50th Anniv. U.N. MINT NH COOK1195H8Price: $4.50
View ImageCOOK ISLANDS - Scott 1196 1995 F.A.O. 50th Anniv. MINT NH COOK1196H8Price: $4.50
View ImageCOOK ISLANDS - Scott 1197 1995 Queen Mother 95th Birthday MINT NH COOK1197H8Price: $5.75
View ImageCOOK ISLANDS - Scott 1198 50th Anniv. WW II Pair MINT NH COOK1198FOTOGPrice: $12.00
View ImageCOOK ISLANDS - Scott 1198 50th Anniv. WW II S/S of 4 MINT NH COOK1198FOTOGPrice: $24.00
View ImageCOOK ISLANDS - Scott 1203-08 1996 Olympics MINT NH COOK1203-08H8-EBAYPrice: $9.00
View ImageCOOK ISLANDS - Scott 1209-11 Queen Birthday MINT NH COOK1209-11H8Price: $4.95
View ImageCOOK ISLANDS - Scott 1212 1996 QE II 70th Birthday S/S MINT NH COOK1212H8Price: $8.00
 COOK ISLANDS - Scott 1214 1997 28th South Pacific Forum Ovpt. S/S MINT NH COOK1214H8Price: $4.90
View ImageCOOK ISLANDS - Scott 1215-26H Butterflies - Much Better Set MINT NH COOK1215-26HH8-EBAYPrice: $39.00
 COOK ISLANDS - Scott 1227 1997 QE II 50th Wedding Anniv. MINT NH COOK1227H8Price: $1.70
View ImageCOOK ISLANDS - Scott 1228 1997 QE II 50th Wedding Anniv. S/S MINT NH COOK1228H8Price: $6.00
View ImageCOOK ISLANDS - Scott 1235 2000 Queen Mother 100th Birthday MINT NH COOK1235H8Price: $7.95
 COOK ISLANDS - Scott 1236 2000 Queen Mother 100th Birthday S/S MINT NH COOK1236H8Price: $3.00
View ImageCOOK ISLANDS - Scott 1237 Olympic 2000 S/S MINT NH COOK1237H8Price: $4.90
View ImageCOOK ISLANDS - Scott 1238 Olympics 2000 S/S MINT NH COOK1238H8Price: $3.48
 COOK ISLANDS - Scott 1274 Pope John Paul II MINT NH COOK1274H8Price: $2.00
 COOK ISLAND - Scott 1296 Beijing Olympics S/S USED COOK1296H8Price: $4.90
View ImageCOOK ISLANDS - Scott 1305-22 Indigenous Flowers (18) MINT NH COOK1305-22H8Price: $79.47
View ImageCOOK ISLANDS - Scott 1343 Aerial Views Islands Shlt.15 Diff. MINT NH COOK1343H8Price: $12.80
View ImageCOOK ISLANDS - Scott 1349A,1350 QEII Diamond Jubilee S/S MINT NH COOK1349A,1350H8Price: $18.47
View ImageCOOK ISLANDS - Scott 1362-63 Peony S/S MINT NH COOK1362-63H8Price: $23.96
 COOK ISLAND - Scott 1413-15 London 2012 Olympics MINT NH COOK1413-15H8Price: $5.65
 COOK ISLANDS - Scott B1-7 Hurricane MINT VF NH COOKB1-7H8Price: $2.50
 COOK ISLANDS - Scott B8-13 Sport Ovpt. MINT VF NH COOKB8-13H8Price: $2.50
View ImageCOOK ISLANDS - Scott B15-20 Hurricane Ovpt. MINT NH COOKB15-20H8Price: $2.00
View ImageCOOK ISLANDS - Scott B21-24 Hurricane Ovpt. Scarce MINT NH COOKB21-24H8Price: $2.90
 COOK ISLANDS - Scott B24 1972 Hurricane Relief Ovpt. On Apollo 16 MINT NH COOKB24H8Price: $2.91
 COOK ISLANDS - Scott B29 Olympics 1972 S/S MINT NH COOKB29H8Price: $2.75
 COOK ISLANDS - Scott B31-33 Christmas 1973 S/S MINT NH COOKB31-33H8Price: $2.00
 COOK ISLANDS - Scott B42-46 Christmas 1974 S/S MINT NH COOKB42-46H8Price: $2.50
 COOK ISLANDS - Scott B47-51 Christmas Painting S/S MINT VF NH COOKB47-51H8Price: $4.00
 COOK ISLANDS - Scott B52-54 Easter 1976 S/S MINT NH COOKB52-54H8Price: $2.00
 COOK ISLANDS - Scott B55-59 Christmas 1976 S/S MINT NH COOKB55-59H8Price: $4.00
 COOK ISLANDS - Scott B63-67 Christmas 1977 S/S MINT NH COOKB63-67H8-XSPrice: $4.50
 COOK ISLANDS - Scott B81-86 Easter 1980 S/S (6) MINT VF NH COOKB81-86H8Price: $4.50
 COOK ISLANDS - Scott B87 Rotary S/S MINT NH COOK549AH8Price: $2.00
 COOK ISLANDS - Scott B93-95 Easter 1981 S/S (3) MINT VF NH COOKB93-95H8Price: $3.50
View ImageCOOK ISLANDS - Scott B98A Diana Wedding S/S MINT VF NH COOKB98AH8Price: $3.00
View ImageCOOK ISLANDS - Scott B100-02 Pope John Paul Visit 1986 MINT NH COOKB100-02H8Price: $14.95
View ImageCOOK ISLANDS - Scott B103 Pope John Paul S/S MINT VF NH COOKB103H8Price: $14.95
View ImageCOOK ISLANDS - Scott B104 Pope John Paul Visit 1986 Souvenir Sheet MINT NH COOKB104H8Price: $14.95
View ImageCOOK ISLANDS - Scott B142 Princess Diana S/S Ovpt MINT VF NH COOKB142H8Price: $4.00

Pageof 4  View:   Total Results: 160   Displaying: 101 to 150   Previous | Next

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An early Cook Island stamp golf thematic was #254-58 Cook Islands stamp, Cook Islands stamps, Herrick Stamp, Golf stamp, and early Apollo space flight splash landings were often commemorated such as Apollo 13 on # 277-83 Cook Islands stamp, Cook Islands stamps, Herrick Stamp, space stamp.
Royal family themes from KGVI to QEII and Princess Diana were often commemorated in the Cook Islands Post Office such as the Royal Visit issue #450 Cook Islands stamp, Cook Islands stamps, Herrick Stamp.
Perhaps our favorite design is Cook Island stamp Scott #1194 Cook Islands stamp, Cook Islands stamps, Herrick Stamp, the Robert Louis Stevenson book illustration. There is much to enjoy in Cook Island stamp collecting.

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