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Cambodia Mint Stamps - Cambodia Newest Stamps

Most Cambodians consider themselves to be Khmers, descendants of the Angkor Empire that extended over much of Southeast Asia and reached its zenith between the 10th and 13th centuries. Attacks by the Thai and Cham (from present-day Vietnam) weakened the empire, ushering in a long period of decline. The king placed the country under French protection in 1863 and it became part of French Indochina in 1887. Following Japanese occupation in World War II, Cambodia gained full independence from France in 1953.
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View ImageCAMBODIA - Scott 62-64 Buddha MINT NH CAMB62-64H8-XSPrice: $2.00
 CAMBODIA - Scott 98A,C17A 1961 S/S Set MINT NH CAMB98A,C17AH8-XSPrice: $7.50
View ImageCAMBODIA - Scott 105A Foreign Aid S/S MINT NH CAMB105AH8-XSPrice: $4.00
View ImageCAMBODIA - Scott 210-12 Butterflies MINT NH CAMB210-12H8-XSPrice: $16.00
View ImageCAMBODIA - Scott 332A-H Rare Musical Overprint. Set of 8 complete. Scott notes 9 values in error. Less than 500 exist NH. MINT NH CAMB332A-HH5Price: $689.00
 CAMBODIA - Scott 830-32 Telecommunications MINT NH CAMB830-32H8Price: $1.60
View ImageCAMBODIA - Scott 997-1003 Butterflies MINT NH CAMB997-1003H8Price: $5.45
View ImageCAMBODIA - Scott 1478-82 Olympics 1996 MINT NH CAMB1478-82H8-XSPrice: $4.00
View ImageCAMBODIA - Scott 1491-96 Wild Cats MINT NH CAMB1491-96H8Price: $4.50
 CAMBODIA - Scott 1597 WWF Malayan Elephant MINT NH CAMB1597H8Price: $6.50
View ImageCAMBODIA - Scott 1604-09 Fire Engines MINT NH CAMB1604-09H8-XSPrice: $4.75
View ImageCAMBODIA - Scott 1637 Trains S/S MINT NH CAMB1637H8Price: $3.00
View ImageCAMBODIA - Scott 1638-43 Dogs MINT NH CAMB1638-43H8-XSPrice: $3.50
View ImageCAMBODIA - Scott 1990-95 Childrens Stories MINT NH CAMB1990-95H8Price: $1.59
View ImageCAMBODIA - Scott 2072 Mushrooms S/S MINT NH CAMB2072H8Price: $2.47
View ImageCAMBODIA - Scott 2086 Film Stars S/S MINT NH CAMB2086H8Price: $6.89
 CAMBODIA - Scott 2090-96 Temple Views. Undervalued by Scott MINT NH CAMB2090-96H8-XSPrice: $3.00
 CAMBODIA - Scott 2128-32 Kites MINT NH CAMB2128-32H8-XSPrice: $1.84

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Cambodia stamps are among the most interesting and undervalued in Southeast Asia. Topical stamps predominate, particularly after 1974 when printing and design work was done in Cuba. Philatelic independence was achieved by Cambodia in the early 21st Century and new designs have been locally produced and distributed in a very limited manner. Recent Cambodia issues are elusive, undervalued by Scott and not held in quantity by any dealers.

The pre Cuban issues of the 1960’s and 70’s were produced under the Prince Sihanouk regime and were low priced and plentiful. Topical stamps for fish, butterflies, space and other themes of the era are plentiful. Stamps are low priced, attractive and in great demand.

To see the latest Cambodia new stamps please see the New Issue Listings on the Herrick Stamp Company website.