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Belize Mint Stamps – Belize New Stamps – Belize Post Office Stamps

Belize was the site of several Mayan city states until their decline at the end of the first millennium. A.D. The British and Spanish disputed the region in the 17th and 18th centuries; it formally became the colony of British Honduras in 1854. Territorial disputes between the UK and Guatemala delayed the independence of Belize until 1981.
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 BELIZE - Scott 349a 4c Butterfly Spiral Wtmk. MINT NH BLZE349aH8-XSPrice: $3.45
View ImageBELIZE - Scott 352a, 359a Butterflies Upright Wtmk. MINT NH BLZE352a,359aH8-XSPrice: $7.50
View ImageBELIZE - Scott 354 Butterfly MINT NH BLZE354H8-XSPrice: $3.00
View ImageBELIZE - Scott 355A 35c Butterfly Spiral Wtmk. MINT NH BLZE355AH8-XSPrice: $10.00
 BELIZE - Scott 356 Butterfly MINT NH BLZE356H8-XSPrice: $3.00
View ImageBELIZE - Scott 398-403 Birds MINT NH BLZE398-403H8Price: $5.90
View ImageBELIZE - Scott 607-08 World Cup S/S (2) MINT F/VF NH BLZE607-08H8Price: $28.00
 BELIZE - Scott 689-92 W.W.F. aguar MINT NH BLZE689-92H8Price: $6.00
 BELIZE - Scott 715-16 Visit of Archbishop Ovpt. MINT NH BLZE715-16H8Price: $2.50
View ImageBELIZE - Scott 717-20 1984 Olympics MINT NH BLZE717-720H8Price: $4.00
 BELIZE - Scott 975-78 10th Anniv. Independence MINT F/VF NH BLZE975-78H8Price: $3.00
View ImageBELIZE - Scott 995-98 1992 Columbus 500th Anniv. Scarce! MINT F/VF NH BLZE995-98H8Price: $6.00
 BELIZE - Scott 1022-25 Royal Visit 1994 MINT F/VF NH BLZE1022-25H8-XSPrice: $6.00
 BELIZE - Scott 1036 10ó Def. Inverted Wtmk. MINT NH BLZE1036H8Price: $6.00
 BELIZE - Scott 1037,1039-40,1044 Insects MINT NH BLZE1037,1039-40,1044H8Price: $6.00
 BELIZE - Scott 1168 100 Yrs. Powered Flight S/S MINT NH BLZE1168H8Price: $7.00
 BELIZE - Scott 1190A New Watermark MINT NH BLZE1190AH8Price: $1.50
 BELIZE - Scott 1209-14 Art by Belizean MINT NH BLZE1209-14H8Price: $6.00
View ImageBELIZE - Scott 1217-21 Endangered Birds MINT NH BLZE1217-21H8Price: $8.90
View ImageBELIZE - Scott 1222-25 Christmas 2010 Orchids MINT NH BLZE1222-25H8Price: $7.85
 BELIZE - Scott 1234-37 QEII 60th Anniv. MINT NH BLZE1234-37H8Price: $3.90
View ImageBELIZE - Scott 1238 QEII S/S MINT NH BLZE1238H8Price: $10.00

Pageof 1  View:   Total Results: 22   Displaying: 1 to 22    | 

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The first stamps appeared in 1973 and were overprints on British Honduras. Since then topical stamps have been predominant with fish stamps, bird stamps, shell stamps, Olympic stamps and Christmas stamps predominant. Early issues have overprints and are often quite elusive. Stamps from the early 1980’s for Rotary Club, Independence Anniversary, Christmas and Princess Diana are particularly elusive.

New issue stamps are easy to obtain but stamps issued during the years 1985 through the year 2000 are more difficult to find as dealers stocks are very limited in this area.

In 1984 stamps for Cayes of Belize were issued but these were ended in 1985.

New issues stamps of Belize are available from Herrick Stamps Company automatic new issue service or our illustrated new issue bulletins which are posted on our website, www.herrickstamp.com every two weeks.