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Afghanistan Mint Stamps - Afghanistan Newest Stamps

The first stamps appeared in 1871. They were round in shape, imperforate, and printed in black, with a crude tiger's head ("Sher" meaning "tiger"), surrounded by Arabic script specifying one of three denominations. Cancellation was accomplished by cutting or tearing off a piece of the stamp.
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View ImageAFGHANISTAN - Scott 198 Margin Copy NGAI MINT LH AFGH198H8-PRE53Price: $39.00
View ImageAFGHANISTAN - Scott 896a Asiatic Black Bear Imperf S/S MINT VF NH AFGH896aH8-XSPrice: $3.95
 AFGHANISTAN - Scott 1069-74 1984 Space Vehicle Set of 6 MINT NH AFGH1069-74H8Price: $3.00
View ImageAFGHANISTAN - Scott 1086-88 1984 U.P.U. Congress MINT VF NH AFGH1086-88H8-XSPrice: $3.00
 AFGHANISTAN - Scott 1156H-N 1985 Sports MINT VF NH AFGH1156H-NH8-XSPrice: $3.75
View ImageAFGHANISTAN - Scott 1172-75 Undervalued 1985 World Wildlife Fund 4 Val. Leopards MINT NH AFGH1172-75H8Price: $7.95
View ImageAFGHANISTAN - Scott 1254-60 Butterflies MINT NH AFGH1254-60H8Price: $4.95
View ImageAFGHANISTAN - Scott 1358-60 Meteorology Day MINT VF NH AFGH1358-60H8-XSPrice: $3.00
View ImageAFGHANISTAN - Scott 1416 Revelation of the Koran MINT NH AFGH1416H8Price: $4.00
View ImageAFGHANISTAN - Scott 1425-29 2004 World TB Day MINT NH AFGH1425-29H8Price: $4.64
View ImageAFGHANISTAN - Scott 1432-33 First Election MINT NH AFGH1432-33H8Price: $5.00
View ImageAFGHANISTAN - Scott 1440 Independence Day MINT NH AFGH1440H8Price: $4.72
 AFGHANISTAN - Scott 1442-43 2006 World Post Day MINT NH AFGH1442-43H8Price: $3.49
View ImageAFGHANISTAN - Scott 1444-45 2006 World Tourism Day MINT NH AFGH1444-45H8Price: $4.40
View ImageAFGHANISTAN - Scott 1455-56 National Day of Fine Arts MINT NH AFGH1455-56H8Price: $4.39
View ImageAFGHANISTAN - Scott 1462 2008 Abdullah Rodaki MINT NH AFGH1462H8Price: $5.95
View ImageAFGHANISTAN - Scott 1466 SAARC Summit 2012 - Flags (1) MINT NH AFGH1466H8Price: $5.90
 AFGHANISTAN - Scott UNL WWF 1998 Wild Sheep MINT NH AFGHUNLH8Price: $9.50

Pageof 1  View:   Total Results: 18   Displaying: 1 to 18    | 

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Ahmad Shah DURRANI unified the Pashtun tribes and founded Afghanistan in 1747. The country served as a buffer between the British and Russian empires until it won independence from notional British control in 1919. A brief experiment in democracy ended in a 1973 coup and a 1978 Communist counter-coup. The Soviet Union invaded in 1979 to support the tottering Afghan Communist regime, touching off a long and destructive war. The USSR withdrew in 1989 under relentless pressure by internationally supported anti-Communist mujahedin rebels. A series of subsequent civil wars saw Kabul finally fall in 1996 to the Taliban, a hardline Pakistani-sponsored movement that emerged in 1994 to end the country's civil war and anarchy. Following the 11 September 2001 terrorist attacks in New York City, a US, Allied, and anti-Taliban Northern Alliance military action toppled the Taliban for sheltering Osama BIN LADIN. The UN-sponsored Bonn Conference in 2001 established a process for political reconstruction that included the adoption of a new constitution, a presidential election in 2004, and National Assembly elections in 2005. In December 2004, Hamid KARZAI became the first democratically elected president of Afghanistan and the National Assembly was inaugurated the following December. Despite gains toward building a stable central government, a resurgent Taliban and continuing provincial instability - particularly in the south and the east - remain serious challenges for the Afghan Government.

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